Carissa (sheimi4) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Possible Trade? Zorua TOMY for another figure!

SeEbay feedback:

Sellers permission given back in Jan 2009.

Hi everyone~~! ;u; I went to NYC's Nintendo Center back in June and I bought a couple of things; including the Zorua TOMY. Taking it home made me realize that I'd rather have something else. It's brand new and still in it's original packaging; I never bothered to open it.

I was wondering if anyone would want to do a trade for another figure? ^o^ I find trading to be a very sweet gesture.

Would anyone want a Zorua TOMY new in the packaging? C: And maybe something extra~ > w>

I'm a sucker for Pokekids. <3 If you'd like to offer anything I'd love anything Shaymin (my main collection) Togekiss, Minccino/Cinccino, any eevelutions, Latias, Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf. Feel free to offer anything though. <3

If no ones interested I'll just put the little guy up on eBay or something.

Thank you for your time!
Tags: tomy, zorua
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