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All the zukan [from my auction] arrived safely and perfect today! They have also ALL been redirected to their new owners! So expect them next week everyone!! Everyone got a few free gifts, and I hope you like them! One persons I sealed it up then had to reopen it to add the extra stuff! I PROMISE Its tapped and retapped good! All zukan are wrapped in bubble wrap AND placed in bubble mailers AND stamped as FRAGILE!  All the sets came factory sealed, I had to open Cresselia/Manaphy and the Eggs/sunkern and honchkrow/chatot to be sure everyone got their correct pegs and such. I promise I checked and double checked EVERYTHING! Just let me know when you guys get your stuff please. ;3

ATTENTION TO THOSE WHO RESERVED/BOUGHT CHOU FROM ME! Still waiting on those cuties in the mail! I promise to let you all know when they arrive! To those who pre-paid they will be shipped the day they arrive, to those who reserved I will give you your invoices and as soon as payment clear they will be shipped. :3

obscurevibrance Your e-check cleared and your card shipped today as well!! So expect it soon!! <3<3

My army of Water mice!!! XD I have a few more but they are small and hiding behind the fat kids XD SOOO adorable!!

Annnnnd BATS!! My boyfriend loves the bats X_X;

Annnnd some zukan I've already pictured and some new.. LOVE Murkrow/Honchkrow! Its just as ADORABLE as I knew it would be!! [I did get a leafeon/Glaceon to go with my Espeon/Umbreon. But I keep them put up because I don't want to loose any of them till I have a plastic display case to put them in.] I also got my piplup line *.* OMG! I wish I had more room! *cries*

And lastly but never least!

CLEAR ATTACK ESPEON!! :D Thanks to Fernchu, cause without her push I might not have gotten this BEAUTY at such a great price! I also got my regular espeon and attacking flareon!! >:D She's gonna get ya!!

Soo yea the mailman was SOO kind to me!

Anyone who I've bought things from- if you want me to leave you feedback LINK me and I will gladly gush about your awesomeness!!

I've also got a few zukan I'd still like to find nice new homes for but I'm gonna wait till the chou get here to have another sales post!

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