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Intro/Collection & Trades Please?

* My Feedback Thread
* Cards/etc available for trade & My B&W Want List
* Collection Site w/ Top Wants List
* More Collection pics

I have been a lurker/member since March or so, but never made an intro post, so thought I'd start this entry off with one! I wasn't an avid collector til the end of April when I randomly decided I wanted all the Black & White TCG XD;; Then I just kind of lost the restraint I had for 10 years and my collection has quadrupled since May! I'm an artist (draw/sew/sculpt) so a lot of my collection will be customs (one of these days when I have time to make things for myself lol) I love all Pokemon but my favorites to collect are Munchlax, Torchic, Darumaka, Togepi, Drifloon & Monkies.

My biggest collection is Munchlax! I actually have quite a few more things coming this/next week X] (and the lovely cafe postcard that I adore!!!) Not pictured are these 2 charms/keychains
I think my collection of him is pretty much completed once the new batch arrives! The only things I know I am missing are the Zukan (omg need!) and Cheebees. There's probably things I don't know about though ^^;
Darumaka is another I want to hardcore collect one day :]

My next biggest collection! (also have 2 Torchic plush & Combusken plush coming tomorrow!)
The Chess Piece was like a grail to me for the past few months (not that it's very rare or expensive but I kept missing out on it! lol)
It is so amazing and makes me want more chess peices :3 Also want a second 'chic one to paint shiny...

ZUKANS! Torchic & Link Drifblim/Floon, Goron Papa & Son & Swellow Bottlecap, Foongus charms (i made) and some more customs I made in the back for members of the comm. ^^;

2 weeks ago I bought this box of plush XD! (Minus one of the Munch which I had already) Oh and that's a Darumaka plush I'm making that got cut off <3~!

My favorite poster! And Kmart had the Jakks on clearance when I went yesterday so I bought the ones I was missing (already had Snivy/Zorua/Pidove) they were out of Sandile though :(

Too many more things so here's some smallish images!(right click>view image to enlarge)
Plush (mostly jakks & customs) and figures (mostly tomy, kids, & customs)

Wanted to post some of my favorite TCG/Flats but the pics aren't up to date so maybe next time X)

ON TO TRADES - Please link me to your feedback ^^

Anything of these guys will be fine but I -REALLY- want something from my top wants list~!
Which includes (order of priority) Munchlax zukan, Jakks Jirachi, Duskull, Purple Cherrim, Drifloon/Blim, Glaceon, Hasbro Spoink, & a Larvitar plush. (TCG trades more than welcome too!)

I have these Cards/figures/plush available for trade
I'm especially hoping to give these guys new homes~ (all mint w/ tags!)
(could also get any others from this set!)

I can also do custom art and sculptures but my plush queue is full right now :)

If I can't find anyone to trade with I may be able to buy a few things so if you have any items that might interest me, post away <3 Do let me know if you're willing to hold things for me (& for how long)

If anyone made it to the end of this entry, congrats and thank you! ^^
Tags: aipom, chimchar, darumaka, drifloon, torchic
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