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Wowza! Look what I found!

Sorry for posting twice in one day, but this was a real shocker for me. Maybe not as big a deal as I think, but...
Pokémon gachausas are seriously awesome. I don't think I'm the only one who loves carrying these guys on a phone or DS or what have you. I could be very much mistaken here because despite being named Psychic, I can't read minds very well, but the Series 2 set with all the legendaries in kick-butt poses and pretty popular (but were a 10th Anniversary special thingy and are no longer in circulation). I dunno how popular they really are or anything, but when I first found out about them (accidentally through an imagine search in late '07) I went CRAZY and was just dying to get my hands on Mewtwo or Mew, though knowing they were no longer available. *sighs*

Well, my dear fellow collectors, like many Saturday nights tonight I was with my group of friends in one of said friends' places, playing old-school Super Smash Bros. and being generally "exciting." But we ran out of chips! ;___; So myself and a few guys went on a perilous 5-minute walk of a journey to the local mall to get some more. (Course it took us ages to actually choose the chips to buy but anyway.) We're leaving after having paid and my friend Eric who knows I sometimes like Pokémon gachausas says "hey, look more of those machines - wonder if there's anything good." I take a quick peek and I nearly squeal with delight and have to keep myself from hyperventilating! For lo and behold, THERE ARE THOSE GOD-DAMNED AWESOME SERIES TWO LEGENDARY FIGURES!!!!

I did buy a Mewtwo one from fernchu from the comm already, but there were plenty of other awesome ones and...well, you know how a collector is. XD Problem is the darn machines only accept toonies, a Canadian coin worth two dollars. Due to my wonderful luck I didn't have any on me, and when I tried to exchange a $5 bill the cashier only had ONE single toonie. Naturally I took it anyway and of course I just get another Mewtwo (which is fine by me since I was afraid of actually hanging the one I already had on my cell, but now that I have two I can go ahead :D).

Now, to get to the actual point of the post, when I looked inside the machine there were only about 7 or so left. Well it makes sense since they've been there since late '06, but anyhow, my point is that tomorrow I am going to grab all the toonies in my piggie bank and go back and buy out that wonderful machine, and considering that they are somewhat popular (I could be wrong, though) I will sell the majority to you lovely people (unopened mint-in-sphere). ^-^

Now, the thing is that I don't want to spend $16 on them and nobody ends up buying a single one and just getting stuck with a bunch of Deoxys or anything. So I intend to ask the cashier if I could buy it out for a reduced price. Admittedly if it comes down to it I will fib about it and say I want them for loot bags for my little brother's birthday party. I'd just like to know if you guys think that's a good line or if I should just tell the truth of "I'm a rabid Pokémon collector" (though that could just make the cashier try to raise the price on them, especially if I mention their rarity).

And now of course, possible reservations! Right now I don't know what I'll get, but you could "reserve" one so that if I get what you're looking for you'll get dibs. Some of them I'll only sell if I get seconds and since the Canadian dollar is worth a bit more now (or if I get some that nobody, including myself wants), I may inflate the price by 10-25 cents (thought that might be negotiable). Honestly, all depends on what happens when I go back tomorrow. ^^;

Image of the charm figures
Mew - tophercoy
Lugia - obscurevibrance, tophercoy
Rayquaza - shiny_vulpix
Jirachi - sonicelectronic, regen

So...comments, advice, reservations, jealous flaming, I'm open to anything - just easy on the flaming, okay? ^^;

Tags: celebi, deoxys, figures, jirachi, lugia, mew, mewtwo, rayquaza
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