carolina_suikun (carolina_suikun) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update!

Hello! I came again bearing my rooms Pokémon collection pictures like sometime ago.

This is how my room looks like when watched from the door.

At the right we have a here most of my Pokémon figure collection.

To the left my computer corner. Nothing really related to Pokémon, but a wallpaper and a sleeping Pikachu. Can you find him? Oh yes! And a charmander mug which I use.

Left we continue. My little peace corner, including nice fountain and Nohohon figure. =3

Suicune collection and others.

Little closer look.

At the left again my bed and Dialga always top of it. Little shelfs I made myself from a tray. Hanging plushes up there, you see?

Closer look to the shelfs. Lotsa little figures!

Next my big shelf including Pikachu collection and randon anime/manga stuff.

My closets full of stuff! Game characters I have made myself.

Thank you for watching! ^-^

You can visit my homepage too: Pokémon Collector
It includes single pictures all of my Pokémon figure, plushes and Suicune collection has it own page at Carolina section.
Tags: collection
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