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plus plus time

I feel like all I've been doing on here is selling stuff and not showing my collection off enough.

The collection that stays on my bed~ Pika, the sleeping Pikachu, is my favourite of all my plushies. He serves as a pillow AND best friend. I carry him everywhere. It attracts quite a crowd. :D

Those cabinets used to contain over 150 kids before I sold most of them off to you guys!
(you can still buy them here)

This used to be only for Pokedolls.. but then things got out of hand. The ones on the top are special
Yes, that is Pika-tan getting asskicked on Brawl.

Lastly, this little thing I got from my dad's appartment. Holds dolls and books, and a few kids.

I know it's not very much, but at the same time, a lot of stuff.. I've really been careful about what I buy these days. I used to just spend every last cent in my PayPal on whatever I could afford. However, now that I have a Pachirisu collection, I usually spend it all on that. I still buy a few non-Pachi plushies now and then. ^ u ^

And now.. for the glory of my room.

Man, I love Pachirisu so much. Surprisingly, none of this came from Y!J. I still haven't figured out how that works.
My first Pachi was the realistic looking one in the middle of the second box. I got him in January but I didn't officially start collecting til February. The hat on the top was commissioned from someone on deviantART.

And there's SO MUCH stuff I still need. If you'd like to help, you can check out my want album. A few things that aren't on there but that I still need include the Pachirisu Gacha, Chupa Chup, and "Dozing Pose" figure. I really appreciate any help!

I can't wait for all of that Shaymin stuff to be released, and more Pachirisu too!
That's just about it. I'm waiting for stuff in the mail from eBay, Sunyshore, and other people here on LJ. Have a nice week, everybody! < 33
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