Jill (unowncafe) wrote in pkmncollectors,

ok hello i don't think i ever introduced myself like ever on here, so yes hi i'm Jill (or quaizr whatever the hell you wanna call me) and i FINALLY discovered what i'm going to collect after many months of just buying things i thought were cute. I'm going to start/have a collection for my beloved minorities. Well because i felt bad for some pokemon getting all the glory and some not so much, so now with my newly discovered money-eating-pringle-can- sadness collection, i want to collect some or all (depending on how popular/unpopular a pokemon is. So that all (or some) pokemon can get love.

Now doesn't that sound cheesey??
lolzs but that's seriously what i want to do.

Also, gin, i sent your money, and fernchu i sent yours.

yay thanks everyone for your suggestions, i'll definately keep these in mind when shopping. ^^
*writes down names in snowflake**

*-snowflake the word document i use to remember things. ^^
Tags: introductions
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