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The Results!

In this post I talked about how I happened to find a gachausa machine with the series 2 Pokémon charms featuring the legendaries - a set which is not supposed to be available any more. From my understanding, they are quite popular and considering the fact that they can no longer be obtained, rare.

The machine I went to didn't have much left in it. Still, I brought over $20 from my own wallet and tried to buy it out. Unfortunately I tried to ask the cashier if she could get me some kind of deal on it, but she said that they don't technically own the machines and some guy comes to refill them every month (they don't even have the keys to them!) so no. I didn't even bring enough money in the end and there are still a few sitting in the machine, plus it's possible that it will just be refilled again (even though the guy should be returning the machine, if anything!).

In the end I'm a bit dissapointed with the haul, though. There was hardly any variety, and they didn't have many of the ones that you guys actually said you WANTED. Ugh.

So here are the results of my haul. Each is BRAND NEW, completely unopened - the tape is even still on the spheres. I am gonna try to go back to get the last few when I can, but...yeah.
Also those who reserved them in my last post have first dibs, and again, since I'm going to be getting stuck with ones nobody wants (and I'm Canadian and our dollar is worth more) I'm going to be charging a tad bit extra - as in 10-25 cents. O mai.
Mew: NOT A SINGLE ONE! ;____; *wanted one so badly*
Mewtwo: 1 SOLD
Lugia: 1 keeping this one
Celebi: 4
Rayquaza: 1
Jirachi: 2
Deoxys: 2

sonicelectronic and regen, looks like you can each have a Jirachi! ^-^
obscurevibrance and tophercoy have kindly decided to pass on Lugia, and shiny_vulpix can have Rayqaza if she still wants it - though I wish I coulda known this before somehow so I could have sent you the money at the same time! XD

All been added to my Sales Post, which you can also check out for some of my other products. ^^ I MAY accept trades as well - see sales post for details on trading and shipping.

Tags: celebi, deoxys, figures, jirachi, lugia, mew, mewtwo, rayquaza
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