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Jakks and Pokedolls GA !

It's my fist GA alone, please be patient if I'm a bit slow. x_x

I'm claiming the Cranidos Jakks plush for $15

Granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by Dakajojo.

shiny_vulpix had purpose to made the shipping.

Rules :

- No sniping, no deleting or retracting bids. This is against comm. rules.
- Don't bid if you're not sure to be able to pay.
- Bid in increments of $1 or more.


This is the seller description for each plushie :

NEW with tag from Pokemon Center: Suicune
NEW with tag from Pokemon Center: Raikou
Used, no tag, from Pokemon Center: Ho-oh
NEW with tag: Budew
NEW with tag: Murkrow
Mime Jr. (has tag on butt)
Croagunk (has tag on butt)
Bonsly (has tag on butt)
Sudowoodo (has tag on butt)
Cherrim (has tag on butt)
Wobuffett (has tag on butt)
Cranidos (has tag on butt)
Sneasel (has no tag)
Shinx (has no tag)

Tags: group auction
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