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Custom Charms for August

As of this morning, all my orders from July have been shipped! So much for getting through orders faster. It seems whatever I do something comes up so I take about a month to get through them ;u;' 

BUT ANYWAY, I'm back again for this month's round of charm commissions!

FOR COMMISSIONS just comment with what you want. Custom designs are $5 for the first print, and $3 for any additional prints. I can do human characters and non-Pokemon as well! Please leave a reference if you can for non-Pokemon.

I'm also making Emote sets for a Pokemon of your choice! $15 for a set of 9, or $2 each (for more or less). You can specify what emotions/poses you want, or just let me have fun with them.

-Paypal ONLY
-$2 total shipping on any order anywhere c:
-I'll print any design I've drawn before (see my gallery) for $3 each. **The search function has been acting up lately, so if you're not sure if I have something, feel free to ask.
-Custom designs are $5 for the first print, and $3 for any additional prints.
-**Please specify if you want charms printed on smooth plastic. By default I print them on textured plastic, like in the preview image (Textured ones have a unique look, charms are bigger and more durable. Smooth looks more professional and has darker colors, but certain grays and purples come out a little splotchy and they're a lot more fragile, especially with designs with small parts sticking off)

Other details
-Charms are printed on 1/8in. plastic (Textured charms are 2.5~3cm high, Smooth are 2~2.5cm) with a randomly chosen phonestrap. If there's a color you really don't want, you can let me know, but I don't let you pick your own colors.
-Designs are water resistant, but not waterproof! Long exposure may cause colors to fade/bleed
-I ship on most weekdays. Please allow a few days to ship if I still need to print your design.
-I ship in bubble mailers but the post is stupid and sometimes the charms break :c So feel free to ask for a replacement.
-Custom designs might take about a month to finish, a lot less if we're lucky.
-I may be willing to do trades, especially for Legend or Holo Pokemon cards! I'm also looking for the secret rare (isn't that what it's called?) Reshiram card from the BW set. Let me know what you have!
-Feedback here
here are some designs from my gallery that you can already choose from! (Use the "search gallery" box to look for a certain Pokemon. "qt" is my code for charm designs, so keep that in when you search)
Pre-printed Charms
These were printed because I had space to print extras, did so on accident, needed them for pics, or are from people who backed out on their orders.
Textured ($1 each):

SOLD: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Eevee, Leafeon, espeon, porygon-z, salamence, mudkip, weedle, chikorita, woobat, gloom, okami(all), lapras, second zorua, oshawott, sewaddle, Raichu, Mew, Flaafy, Wooper, Togepi, Skitty, Tyranitar

These ones are also all textured, but they're $0.50 each because they were printed wrong (size or color) or just are having a hard time selling.
SOLD: umbreon, emolga, scraggy, eevee, white crane, wailord, caterpie, all manfaces, Leafeon, Raichu

Smooth charms are all sold out this month. Expect more next time, since I'll just print out random ones to get rid of this paper since I don't really want to continue using it.  

Thank you for your continued support, Pokemon Collectors!  c:

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