Hellblaze (waspxbee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Summer Pokemon Haul!

Sorry it took so long wanted to take a pic of my haul of plushies all at once. Here's the haul I got from ebay from last month. Money was from my bday money. :3

Of course my Zekrom plush is way cutier than all these guys! <3 These guys are so small compared to him but these are epic hauls! :D Victini was the one that came in today just what I was expecting. The 3 Honen legends were from the same seller on ebay I had to get all 3 cause I won't find them again :( Right now those 3 plush are very popular since these 3 are so hard to come by. Plush I really have to get and seek are: Axew Jakks, Hydreigon, and Reshiram. I know where to get Reshiram on this LJ >> I shall get it when I get more moneies O.o

I heard rumors and still going on that people thing the Honen games will come out sometime if that's true, I'm glad I got the 3 plush cause when those games do come out I'm gonna celebrate with these three! X3 I will get a 3DS sometime this year or next but I have to save up owo

Now for the big part now where to put these cute plushies o.o; (has no room) I think it's time to get a plushie hammock or somethin >>
Tags: collection, groudon, kyogre, rayquaza, snivy, victini, zekrom
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