Genestealer~ (jensoxen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hey there! ive just fell in love with a pokemon, Golem :D so if you have anything for sale, feel free to tell me/link to/show me pics and pricing :3
also, im on kindof a vaca atm, comin home this sunday! just so yall know. i might not be able to pay stuff now, but maybe in some days :3

aaaand some wants!:
Golem stuff!
spinda pokedoll sticker, spinda minicot, and anything of him i dont own!
deoxys stuff: defence forme chou get, speed forme deoxys zukan, with the right base! pokedoll charm/pokedoll figure, defence deoxys pokedoll., grail :P <3 thanx everybody!

and guys, when i come home/get acces to a computer, expect a deoxys collection post!!!!! <3 :3 and some custom pokedoll figures, including mienfoo, whimsicott, wooper and maybe a slot or 2 :)

have a nice day! ^^
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