illumeee (illumeee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon countdown calender 2009 TCG

I have a question considering the cards that were released for the pokemon countdown calender 2009
this box:

The cards from the countdown calender are reprints of previously released cards from DP series and they bear a holographic snowflake stamp. Alle cards are nonholo with the exception of Pikachu which is a reprint of Pikachu DP16

I bougt the box at the time, split it with my little brother. I still have my half of the cards and he has the majority of his (probably traded 1 or 2) Mine would be mint as they went straight into a binder, his would be graded 'near mint' or 'good' since he has dragged them to school etc.

My question, what are they worth? I have never before seen them auctioned off on ebay or the community. I have only been a member since March but still. Or are they not rare enough to be bothered with selling?

Reason I'm asking, I'm looking to sell mine (excluding glaceon as it's in my collection) and perhaps my brother's cards too.

any info is greatly appreciated!


Other than that, I updated my wants!
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