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 Hi! I've been collecting zukan for a few months now and really find them fascinating! I think these are the most accurate and awesome figures made and I love some of the poses/zukan bases certain pokemon come with ^^ Below is a list of zukan that are my highest wants although there are others that might not be mentioned below that I am also looking for ;):

Does anyone have a Dunsparce zukan for sale? :3

I've been after this little guy for some time now and lost him three times in an auction ;___: if anyone has him and is thinking of selling the zukan please let me know ^^ I need this little cutie so bad XD

My zukan want list in order of priority: *note I only collect the Japanese zukan sets not European*

Charizard line zukan *I would give my kidney for this* ^0^
Eevee set with Jolteon *my 2nd favorite pokemon next to Articuno*
Zapdos zukan
Flygon zukan
Pidgeot zukan
Team Rocket zukan

Ninetales zukan
Wailord *this one's unlikely since it's the most expensive zukan out there but maybe someday I can invest in one ;)*
Houndoom zukan
Kyogre zukan
Magikarp zukan *have Gyarados so I'd really love to have the Karp to go with him ;)*
Mewtwo zukan
Rapidash zukan
Arbok zukan
Butterfree zukan
Buizel Diorama zukan
Horsea zukan
Wooper/Farfetched zukan
Beautifly/Dustox zukan
Gardevoir zukan *not Gallade have it*
Omastar zukan
Tyranitar zukan

and many more but those are the ones that I could think of  at the moment XD

so let me know if you have any of the following and I realize some will be more pricier than others due to it's rarity/popularity.

Thanks for reading!


Tags: wanted, zukan
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