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A Small Update and Possible Trade?

I have a tiny but cute N update!  I received these wonderful customs not too long ago and I thought I'd share with you! :D

Guess which two are new! :DD

N CUPCAKE!! :D He has a little Zorua with him too, so he's especially happy since it's not in a Poke Ball :) winterjellybean did an AMAZING job!  I wish my NEW!phone (after 6 yearsssss) could capture the detail that went into it, but trust me, it's there!  The string attached to the menger sponge is especially entrancing for me @w@ noxxbunny also helped me get some extra sleeves so I'm using one for figure-like customs to sit on :)

I also got this adorable charm from myntii~~ <3 Now Zorua evolved and N is still happy because there are no Poke Balls to be seen (the more I think about it, the more I realize how much N must hate Alder, what with his crazy necklace and all ;m; ) It is so wonderfully cute! x3 I just want to hug it, but it would be awkward because of our size difference @w@
I am expecting some more things in the mail soon, so I will make an update once I get them~ :3
Now for a possible trade~~ I have, as you can see, two of the same lovely sticker sheets!

Obviously, I bought them because I collect Drayden like crazy N, but now I'm sort of wanting different sheets ;; From other similar sheets I've seen, I gather that there are 8 of these promo sheets, each with different Gym Leaders and Pokemon on it, but all of the ones I've seen have Hilbert, Hilda and N on them.  So if anyone has a different "Gym Leader" sheet (or any other sticker sheet with N on it, I'm not too picky xD) and wants to trade for the one I have, please let me know! :D Or, if you want to just sell it to me that's fine too xD
My sales are here if you'd like to look for buying or possible trading, etc~ I have lots of plush, Sugimori clear files, mega bloks and other fun goodies that I'm really trying to get new homes for x3 And for those interested in seeing the rest of my want list, you can find that here :3
Thank you all for looking! :D
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