myntii (myntii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mini-Figure GB Payment 1 + Figure GA Updates! + WANTS


So this GB? We won! Payment 1 is required now~ Thanks to the fantastic downfall of the USD, each figure is $5.46/$5.52 to rlin4992(@)! (If you bought two, it's $10.61/$10.72, please!)

Piplup and Totodile have not been claimed. If you would like to claim them, just comment here and when I've commented back, send the money over~ Any excess money I get will be used towards shipping.

Also, for you participants of that GB - What kind of shipping did you want to use? O: I was thinking just go cheapest possible.. xD

And for the participants of the Pokemon Figure GA I ran - THE FIGURES ARE HERE! ;D I've been feeling a little nauseous lately, so I haven't gotten around to getting shipping quotes for you guys yet (I thought maybe it wouldn't be the best if I got sick all over your Pokemon.. xD;) but so far, everything looks great! 

For whichever member (I think it was dripbat ?) who got the Dialga Jakks - This figure is MONSTROUS. He barely fits in the largest bubble mailer I have.. xD Also, he's got all these parts that stick out, so I was wondering if you'd want a box? Shipping might be a bit hefty though. @__@

ALSO, let's end this with some wants! I'm looking for the Paki Paki Entei (MWT, please!), Entei Tomy and LARGE-size Tomy Giratina!!
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