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new items, lots for sale

Sorry for posting again so soon. I have a few new items and some cards I'm selling, but I've decided to include them in a few lots that I am wanting to get rid of. I'm only going to post a few for now, but more and larger ones will come at a later time. Lots and information can be found under the cut.

Shipping update : for those who have ordered from me within the past few days, some of your orders have already been shipped out and the rest should be out by Wednesday. :) 

I'm still looking for a Burger King Lapras, by the way.


I ship from the US and will ship international.
I accept Paypal only (no echecks)
Payment must be sent within 48 hours.
For these lots, I will hold them only for 24 hours and you must pay if you hold a lot.
I will leave negative feedback otherwise.
These lots are as is. What is pictured or listed is what you will be getting; no more and no less.
Prices are as is but do not include shipping and fees.

Horsea Line Lot : $12

Lot Includes : 

Horsea figure (used to be a keychain)
Seadra BK figure
2 Tomy Counters
2 Topps Cards
9 TCGs (at least 1 is an alternate language)

Jigglypuff Line Lot : $12

Lot Includes : 

Jigglypuff candy topper
Jigglypuff Tomy
Jigglypuff figure (used to be a keychain)
1 Tomy Counter
4 Topps Cards
3 TCGs
1 Jigglypuff Treat Keeper Plush (not pictured, but will upload photo if requested)

Oddish Line Lot : $16

Lot Includes : 

Gloom and Vileplume Tomys
2 Tomy Counters
1 Cardboard Oddish Counter
Tiny Vileplume Figure
3 Topps Cards (Oddish is holo)
5 TCGs
2 Vileplume TCG Holo Counters

Rattata Line Lot : $13

Lot Includes :

Raticate Tomy
Tiny Rattata and Raticate Figures
Raticate Tomy Counter
Rattata Bk Card
2 Topps Cards
Custom Rattata Ketchain
5 TCGs

Tags: gloom, horsea, igglybuff, jigglypuff, oddish, raticate, rattata, sales, seadra, vileplume, wigglytuff
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