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sales and collection gets

I've got a few new things up for sale below the cut here because LJ isn't letting me edit my main sales post XD (Feel free to combine anything below with anything from the main post though, hint hint!) Sales policies and such can be found in that post.

$1 Bonsly
$4 small Cyndaquil, Zorua, Pichu
$5 Hasbro Cyndaquil
$10 Staraptor UFO
$14 Salamence UFO

$2 Tentacruel, Pinsir, Oddish, Chansey, Exeggcute
$3 Pikachu, Elekid, Slowbro, Slowking

All pan stickers are $.50 each, except Zekrom who is $5.

And now for collection stuff! Emolgas and Vulpixes and stuff under the cut :D

I can never decide where to display Pokedolls because I am perpetually rearranging shelves.. but for now, half of them are sitting here. Pachirisu is new :D

And the other half! Flareon's another newbie :D I don't really have a favorite Eeveelution, but I have a favorite color, and Flareon's all over that. Orange Pokemon represent!

Pachirisu zukan! I love how teeny they are *u*

Emolgaaaaa! Seriously cannot wait for the talky one to come out. And the Pokedoll, oh gosh the Pokedoll..!!

Look at him!! Look! This is the most perfect adorable wonderful thing in the world ahhh *u*

And this guy aaaaa! The MPC plush is so excellent and tiny and detailed! Been waiting a while for him *u* I actually wouldn't mind a second to be a travel buddy.. anyone got a cheap one for sale? XD I love his stuffed ears!

Pachirisu and Emolga are such perfect bffs.

So happy! 

Tower of Pixes! I'm amazed they didn't topple over right away.. Bigpix, His Highness, and my newest 'pix!

Sleepypix aww ;u;

I love the detail on the curls and tail, ahh! This was made by an artist on deviantart :D I'd like to make him a nose out of felt someday..

I got these guys a couple weeks ago :D Super teeny and adorable!

MPC Reshiram :D I seem to be unintentionally starting a small Reshiram collection.. does anyone have the overdrive zukan for sale?

The detail, ahh! MPC plush are just fantastic and I need more.

Here's a few shots of my current Vulpix collection -

And my top shelf, featuring Canvaspix and some non-Pokemon!

Aaand that's it! Thanks for reading :D (And remember, saaales :U)

Also, the Jakks plush and Pokedoll GA I'm co-running with zugagirl is ending tomorrow! We didn't raise enough for the reserve originally, but the seller relisted it without a reserve so we'll hopefully get it this time :D
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