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Perhaps to help distract from some current unrest in the world, I bring for you today, Snaptoys Pokemon plush and Groundbreakers TFG figures.

Some members just gasped, and others are puzzled. Let's explain!

Snaptoys plush was a line of plush that simply never got made. You can see most of them right here. Like many prototype items we've seen evidence of -- or own evidence of -- back in the ambiguous period between the original Gotta Catch'em All hype of the late 90's and the semi-revival of the craze during Diamond/Pearl, lots of toys were commissioned to be made, and then were canceled. Other toys got made, but only in very small amounts due to poor sales expectations. This is why you might notice Gold/Silver era toys can be some of the rarest and hardest to obtain, and Ruby/Sapphire Pokemon are more often than not, woefully under-merchandised.

I present to you, PKMNcollectors of the world, Snaptoys prototype plushies!!!

you want to clickCollapse )

There is more.

Who remembers the TFG, you know, that thing that was a thing until it too was canceled suddenly without explanation, despite two entire sets of dozens and dozens of figures having been sculpted and produced? Many of us have had the chance to own figures from the un-named "Third Wave", a set that was never even officially announced besides some teasers at toy shows, but we have now seen nearly a full set unofficially released from the factories that produced them.

But Groundbreakers was the set that was due for release multiple times, with the dates pushed back, and back, and back, until finally...they never came out at all. The entire shebang was canceled abruptly, probably due to lack of interest in the game, and Groundbreakers figures (minus a few released early) were never seen from again.

Except very very occasionally. One Sabrina found in a random toy shop. Multiple figures found on Ebay with and without bases, but only once or twice. And yet over half the set never seen in person beyond the poster. Why was that third wave so easy to get, and the set on the brink of release, nearly impossible to find a single figure from?

UNTIL NOW!! Pause for dramatic effect...

ooooooooooooooooohCollapse )

That being said, yes, I do have a big handful that, along with the Snaptoys, will be for auction here on the community. Note that the figures I have are not on bases, they are just the sculpts! The following 15 Groundbreakers will all be up for auction starting at 35$ each starting this weekend. Be there!!!

(click to enlarge)

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Thanks as always guys.
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