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More sales!

For those of you who took part in the promo card GA, fear not! They are on their way to me and shipping to you should come in a few weeks. And for my sales, I wasn't able to get my orders finalized to send out because of LJ's downtime and had to wait for my next day off, but I should be sending all the earlier orders out in the next two days. If you want anything from here I can of course squeeze them into your orders even if they're already packed, as long as you don't mind taped up envelopes ;D

I've got some more sales for you! Most of these are stickers from sets and a couple of can badges, but I also have Elesa and Cheren TCG sleeves in stock for $1 each! The N's were surprisingly popular, I barely have anymore left to use for myself, haha.

Sticker Sheet A

Stickers are $.75 cents, all have a shiny metallic border!
Pokeballs are $.25 and stars are $.10 lol
Gone: Woobat, Sandile, Reshiram, Snivy

Sticker Sheet B

Stickers are $1 each. These are semi-transparent, I put the white paper behind them so the pictuers would turn out better! Really charming unique art stickers :DD I only have need for the ones I wanted it for though, so here's your chance for just the one or two you would want!

Gone: Snivy, Scraggy/Pansear, Cofragigus, Litwick, Cubchoo

Halloween stickers from the Pokemon Center! Pokemon are $1, pumpkins are $.50!

Gone: Cut Rotom, Spinda pumpkin, Banette, Banette pumpkin, Rotom

$5 each! Can badges from the same promotion! These are really nice and have sort of a metallic sheen to them that's hard to capture on camera.
Gone: Banette, Duskull/Rotom

All for $2, or $.75 each!

$1 each! Tons in stock.

I also have some lots up for sale. The prices are possibly debatable, mostly I just want to get rid of the side collections I don't need anymore. Shipping is from Canada!

Jirachi bottlecap Tomy
Jirachi movie bottlecap - $8
Jirachi European figure - $8
Clear Jirachi kid - $6
Jirachi kid 1 - $4
Jirachi kid 2 - $4 (same pose, different tint of yellow)
Jirachi sukui doll? - $5
Jirachi can badge - $3

Celebi flying kid - $4
Celebi Tomy - $5
Celebi mini figure - $4
Celebi bottlecap (head superglued, hard to notice) - $4
Celebi sitting kid 3x - $4
Celebi keshipoke - $5

Zoroark McDonald's toy x2 - $3
Zoroark kid - $5
Zoroark movie sparkly kid - $6
Zoroark Sukui doll - $6
Zoroark MC+ Tomy - $7
Zoroark strap - $3

Zorua lottery keychain - $6


All Totodiles $5 each!

Feraligatr kid A - $6
Feraligatr kid B - $6
Coconaw kid - $4
Croconaw Tomy - $3
Feraligatr pencil topper - $8
Feraligatr/Totodile keychain - $10

Oshawotts are $5 each!

Zekroms are $5 each!

Monkeys! $25 OBO for the lot.

Or $30 with this guy!

Derpy Totodile is $10, Tomy plush MWT (creased a little) is $20, Canvas plush MWT is $30, mascot strap is $5, laying beanbag plush is $25

Pokedoll is $25, banpresto plush is $15.


Soap figures are $10 each!

SOLD: Both Scraggies, 1 Zekrom, 1 Oshawott

Complete with box Zoroark lottery figure! This guy is $60 OBO.

And of course anything can be combined with my other TCG/flats/etc sales!

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