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I'm back from the States! Awesome gets + kid lot sale

Hi everyone~! Two months without posting since I had a great summer in America. But now I'm back in Finland and ready to show off some lovely things I have acquired during this time! Even a couple of grailish things~

Okay, this first one isn't exactly a get, but I just had to show you the bed I slept in most of the summer. My American friend knew just the right thing to borrow me, she's the best :D It even has Raichus! (And lol Yugioh pillowcase x3)

Now this little cutie was sort of a grail for me! <3 Tomy Furret... I didn't think I would get one any time soon, but hear my incredibly lucky story: it was free. My boyfriend's sister goes through many flea markets and second hand stores every week and she's kind enough to bring lots of Pokemon stuff for me. Sometime in the end of May she found this. I have no idea about how it got there since I don't know if this plush was ever sold in Finland. Anyway, of course she bought it, but first she was going to give it to her girlfriend. But after a week or two, it apparently fell off a shelf and broke her girlfriends favorite teacup so she didn't want it anymore. And that's why they gave it to me! I was so happy, it's so incredibly cute ^_____^ Too bad for the teacup, though.

This mysterious game is a souvenir from America. One weekend we went to a small old comics store. I tried to look around for Pokemon stuff and this was the only thing I found. I had never seen it before so I just had to get it. It seems to be... RPG of some sort? x3 Looks interesting enough. Anyone know more about this thing? Maybe I should try to play it at some point...
My Raichu plush family has also been growing recently, once again thanks to my boyfriend's sister. I just can't help giving a new home to every little electric mouse she brings me from the flea markets. All of them might not have noses or tails, but who cares, they're adorable anyway. <3
Another grailish thing, and oh so pretty... Mountain Mew zukan! This popped up on Noppin and it was incredibly cheap, so I couldn't resist. Well, after all the fees and such it wasn't that cheap anymore, but still totally worth it. ^^
I have once again gotten a couple of kid boxes from Noppin and my collection almost doubled... But for now I'll only show you my dear Raichus and Mews. See the latest Chu addition, the attack version! I finally found one <3 Now I'm only missing a couple of clear Raichus... And I've got a couple of cute new Mews too :3
And I saved the best thing for last... Something I definitely didn't expect to get. Ever. But now I do.
...do you know what this is?
Yes. Wailord zukan. What have I done... Zukans are one of my favorite figures and Wailord is one of my boyfriend's favorite Pokemon, so I always thought this would be awesome to have, but I knew it was way too expensive for me so I would never get it. Then it showed up on Noppin for ridiculously cheap. I knew there would be a bidwar, but I thought I'd try anyway. And well, there was a bidwar. And at some point something just snapped and in the end I realized I won. And even after all the fees, shipping and customs, it was the cheapest Wailord zukan I have ever seen. This was the first time I had to go through declaring customs stuff because it's so valuable, but as of today, I'm a proud owner of this epic whale.
The funny thing is, my main way to get money for it was my GA last May. So basically I traded this...

for this.
Quite a fair deal, I'd say. My boyfriend doesn't know yet. He'll probably think I'm crazy since he knows how much these are worth. I still feel great. I own a Wailord zukan WTF :D
And now something completely different... Thanks to my Noppin boxes I now have lots of extra kids. I'd like to get rid of them as a lot since shipping individual figures would in some cases be terribly expensive. There are over 130 kids, including clears and a few not-so-easy-to-find things. Quite many have small scratches, paint rubs etc. but there are good ones too :3 I'm looking for $250 shipped. GAs are totally okay if anyone wants to make one, and in that case I will provide better pictures. See all those pretties there? Pink Butterfree, Nurse Chansey, Squad Squirtle, Eeveelutions... I know you want them :3
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