Rai-chan (rainyan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I'm back from the States! Awesome gets + kid lot sale

Hi everyone~! Two months without posting since I had a great summer in America. But now I'm back in Finland and ready to show off some lovely things I have acquired during this time! Even a couple of grailish things~

Lots of cute stuff here!Collapse )
And I saved the best thing for last... Something I definitely didn't expect to get. Ever. But now I do.
...do you know what this is?
OH YES.Collapse )
And now something completely different... Thanks to my Noppin boxes I now have lots of extra kids. I'd like to get rid of them as a lot since shipping individual figures would in some cases be terribly expensive. There are over 130 kids, including clears and a few not-so-easy-to-find things. Quite many have small scratches, paint rubs etc. but there are good ones too :3 I'm looking for $250 shipped. GAs are totally okay if anyone wants to make one, and in that case I will provide better pictures. See all those pretties there? Pink Butterfree, Nurse Chansey, Squad Squirtle, Eeveelutions... I know you want them :3
Tags: collection, furret, kids, mew, raichu, wailord, zukan
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