illumeee (illumeee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pikachu kigurumi

Hey I've got this kigurumi:

And it's for Sale!

Bought from a French website that imports from Japan, it's really cute but I never wear it! Quality is excellent and the fabric is the 'winter' version.
Size fits anyone (one size)

length: 150 cm
bust: 128 cm
shoulders: 57 cm
sleeves: 58 cm
(I got these from a website, I still need to measure the actual garment which is at my parents house!) Also message me for pictures of the real thing if you would like to see them :)

Would anyone be interested in buying it off of me?
I was thinking $70 shipped outside of Europe + fees included
Bear in mind that shipping costs are $24,50 outside of Europe from my country, which is why the price may seem high. Sorry!
If you're withing Europe it's $61,- shipped + fees included.

- Sales permission granted by Dakajojo on 21/07/2011
- HOLDS are generally for 24 hours but if you want me to hold something longer (expensive item etc.) we can probably work something out.
- A shipping quote is not a HOLD, if you want me to hold the item please be clear about this.
- I ALWAYS ship within a few days after payment is received, shippind is from the Netherlands.
- I accept paypal only from non-European buyers. Within Europe I'll also accept bank transfers if possible (saves you the Paypal fee!)
- I ship everywhere but beware shipping on non-flats may be high!
- If you want shipping upgrades (priority, confirmation, tracking) let me know otherwise I pick the cheapest option with the safest packaging. (I often use recycled bubble evelopes/boxes etc. to spare the environment and to save us both extra costs :)
- Please let me know when your item arrives. I will gladly exchange feedback with you!
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