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It's time for a collection update!

I haven't had one in a while...since May I think. Wow. D:

Not much of an eventful collecting summer, but I did get cool things nonetheless. :U

Walker highly implores you to look.

I got this Audino pokedoll~ It's so cute~
I have named this little guy Joy. :3

And here he is with my sister's whimsicott, Jesus.

Joy: hi
Jesus: ..dumbass.

They don't get along well.
moving on...

Joy's taggy. :3

I also got this Scraggy pokedoll because Scraggy is cool.
Since he is so cool, I decided to give him a cool name...

His name is Dave. >:}

And his taggy too. He looks so adorable~

And I have this torchic, now named Clawfoot.
He is very adorable and will now expand my huge Torchic collection.

! What's this:


Yes. Finally

I've always wanted one for quite some time. xD; (and my sister keeps trying to take him. :U )

now for some non plush gets~

I managed to get Pokemon Adventures Vol. 14. I really hope Viz decides to get their act together and translate the 3rd gen arcs of Pokemon Adventures. that'd be so legit.
I also got the two smaller volumes of Pokemon Black and White (which is also Pokemon Adventures)
oh boy~

Next up, Summer time Torchic Collection showcase!

as of a few days ago. here is my entire torchic collection:

And some more.

I am so happy with myself

But I am more happy with something else.

I managed to do something else with my collection. you see...

If any of you remember, ALL of my plushies used to stay on my bed for forever, but here is what my bed looks like now:

Yep, the majority of my Pokemon dollies are gone. Where are they you ask?


I got a plushie holder thingy!
They now live in this net.

Most of my torchics

most of my pokedolls

Other plushes

where I ran out of room and now they live down here.

Anyway, thanks for looking~

Oh, and who here has pets w/ an interest in Pokemon?
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