::drag0n aura:: (drag0n_aura) wrote in pkmncollectors,
::drag0n aura::

even more sales! and wants!

I have updated my sales thread with even more TCG cards and a few Japanese mini 'posters'.
Among the items I have added are:
  • Japanese LEGEND Era Cards - Holos, Rares, Mirror Cards, Deck Cards
  • Japanese Virizion, Terrakion & Cobalion Half Deck Cards
  • Japanese Viririon, Terrakion & Cobalion Half Deck Mini Posters
  • English HGSS Era Cards - PRIMES, Holos, Rares + Reverse Holos
  • McDonald's Black & White Promos
Clicky my sales banner below to be taken to my sales!

Besides that I also have wants I would be highly interested in purchasing, or trading for.
For those, (click here).

Also!... XD
My question from my post a few days ago still remains unanswered.
What fabric are butt tags made from?
I'm making a Pokédoll and want to know before I get to the butt area. XD
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