rally274 (rally274) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Multi-purpose Post!

Hey again everyone!
First off, I have a few questions that I'm un-sure about, so I'll start with those :)
1. Are GA's (if they are for auctioned items on ebay or something) usually run while the auction on the site is still active, or after?
2. If they are, is the lot just bid up by whatever amount someone bids on here? Like say if someone bid $20 on a plush in the auction, would someone running the GA on here bid the auction on the site up by that amount?

Sorry if these made hardly any sense^^ I kinda suck at explaining things :/

And another question, does anyone know how much the Pikachu sitting on the pokeball weighs? I was just wondering to figure out whether it would be cheaper to try and find on one here, ebay or noppin. If you need a picture, I can send you a link to one :)

Edit; Does anyone know where it would be cheaper to get one from^^ It's kind of a grail of mine XD

And finally, I will be FINALLY getting my birthday money from my dad, so I will have a little bit for a couple of small things. I have a wants list on my journal page :)

Thanks, and sorry about all of the questions, and the rather boring post :/
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