Formally killerjaw01 (bergunty) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Formally killerjaw01

Sales now on eBay and wantslist

I have gathered up all remaining items in my Sales and put them into small lots on eBay. Take a look here

On a completely different subject I am expecting a few exciting gets; and will post up an awesome collection post soon.

Because of the sheer awesomeness of these goods I will not be looking for so many items and will not be browsing sales posts like I normally do. But there are a few items I'm quite desperate for; so here's a small Wants List:

Thanks to peeche00 (Raichu coin) & pokepalace (Numel & Barboach line Zukan). I found an Abra line somewhere else.

Just need this to complete the set:

Looking for this; but I won;t be able to pay straight away:
Tags: raichu, sales, wanted, zukan
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