Taka-Kat (echizenakira) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mainly TCG again~

I want to get either the full issue of CoroCoro that is coming out in september -or- if anyone is willing to sell it, the TCG card that will be coming with it. Can this be done? :O (already done cause pple are awesome~)

Still looking for Scraggy Pizza-La promo!

If anyone has a Pawniard TCG sleeve they wish to part with, let me know. I would most likely be interested in buying mostly any singles of other sleeves aside from a few recent ones I already have coming in.

My TCG foil pack collection is handsomely almost complete thanks to you all!
My last few needs~

Expedition base set (...how did I not see this was in existence ;_; )
Neo Genesis (have none)
Neo Discovery (need umbreon)

Skyridge (need vaporeon)
EX Fire Red Leaf Green (need Pikachu)

POP Series 5 (has Ho-Oh on it) <--forgot I still had yet to find that!

Another big wave of thanks to everyone!
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