Lissie (mamoswine) wrote in pkmncollectors,

prince grimsley, fabulous he

"Oh? Ah yes, hello. I am Grimsley of the Elite Four. I've had a bit of a bumpy trip, but I suppose I could indulge in some company."

"My wardrobe? Finely crafted from a designer from the New York City area with the utmost care."

"My scarf included. Are we done now?"

"O-oh, yes I do have quite beautiful eyes, as you put it, but they are not worth taking a large macro shot over."

"Th-this is becoming highly inappropriate! I do wish there was an appropriate sized Scraggy I could stay with instead--?!"

"Yes this will do. Thank you."

(Grimsley was made by the wonderful usakochan! I absolutely adore him!! THANK YOU! <3)
Tags: custom, people, plush
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