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collection update, small wants

 OHAI everyone! Got lots of new stuff. Figured it was finally time to post a collection update!
I did get some more work done on my 1/2 sleeve tattoo, but can't quite figure out how to take a picture of the back of my arm LOL. So that will be coming soon... when I break the news to mom that her daughter has an arm full of pokemon and she has to take pictures of if :\

ok, so, seriously. the one in the middle is the 1/1 talking which is pretty big as you all know... and then THAT on the left is my handmade custom needlefelted Mew. Yah. Needlefelted. Yah, taking little pieces of wool and poking it all together to form sculptures. Yah.
I am so totally in love and so totally thankful for deviantart user Adopt524 for taking me on and pouring her sweat blood and tears into this giant beautiful thing. <s>and draining my bank account</s> XD!

I guess you could call this the waiting box. I have lots of little things coming in the mail soon so this is kinda filler.
OMG I just got the cute little flying squirt yesterday. SO CUTE! I've wanted one SO bad ever since I saw a pkmncollector on here show hers @ Harry Potter world. Finally found one on ebay and snatched it right up. Adorable.
I can't remember who sold me the "rare grabby mew" in the middle. It was someone on here. And I know their full name from the paypal receipt but can't remember their username... I still need feedback from you and will give feedback in return :)

I <3 the Mew kids SO FRECKIN much. Don't know if I have all of them yet (-clears). I know I'm missing the disco/pointing one...
Thanks to pokepalace for expanding my kid collection.

That bottlecap thing is WAAAY detailed. I think the vinyl soft figure on the upper right is my favorite figure of all the Mews (next to the kids)

A little spill-off. I guess I should get boxes for these guys. LOL I don't know why I got the pez/candy dispensers.

The camera cut off the cute neckstrap. Adorable fabric! 
Funny thing about the Pikachu from McDs upper left: they were totally out of all the pokemans at McDonalds when I went, so the cashier guy grabbed a plastic knife and pried the case open and gave me Pikachu. WIN!

<3 the coin purse. and the little scrunchie thing (darker pink) looks cute humping the big mew's leg o_O

Oddish! What are you doing down there? (lol, I just wanted to show off my gummy bear lamp)
And that is the blooming flowers folder that inspired my tattoos.

Brand new. I always loved the eeveeloutions, but they're too overpriced and there are too many people who want them. So I'll stand aside and just get some bootlegs from ebay. I needed something to fill my shelf, lol.
And yes, I have a very colorful room XD

So that's it for the collection update.
In about another month everything I've ordered should arrive (including a custom from lonepichu  which I am SO excited about!!!)

I am going to be taking a break from collecting very soon. I've already spend upwards of $3000 and I really need to start saving for a new place to live (bye-bye parents!)

The only things I would really like to get before a hiatus are:
*Mew roller stamp
*Mew pokemon center fuzzy fuzzy big plush
*Mew clock
*Any other Mew kids (including clear) that I don't already have (minus the "eyeliner" solid)

I am willing to pay good prices. (thank you job!)
You guyz are awesome. Thanks :)
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