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An intro post. :D

Hello PKMNcollectors! I am a newbie, but I've been lurking for a few days. And by "few days," I mean almost a few days straight. This community is addicting.
I've learned a lot and enjoyed looking at so much cute merchandise! I feel like I know every major Pokemon toy line out there now [although I most likely don't]. I hardly even knew about Pokedolls before I found this community, surprisingly! And that's just the tip of the iceburg. I'm now convinced that I need way more Pokemon toys [moreso than I already was]. Whether or not this is a good thing depends on if you are a Pokemon fan or my bank account.

So, here's my attempt at introducing myself:

I first got into Pokemon back in the 90's when the original season of the anime was airing on TV. I was never allowed to have video games back then, but I got some of the trading cards and some toys here and there. However, a few years into it, my parents were convinced by a religious group that Pokemon was from Satan, and convinced me to get rid of all my toys. I even destroyed some of them. Yeah, it was as tragic as it sounds. D8

Yet later still, my half-brother would bring over his Gameboy Color and let me play his copy of Gold. He lent it to me at one point, and I played obsessively. It was my first video game ever, and it was Pokemon! By then I was completely into it again.
Thankfully my parents no longer thought Pikachu was el diablo, and soon I got my own Gameboy Advance and a bunch of Pokemon games. I've been a huge fan ever since! I'm an amateur illustrator, and so naturally I love drawing Pokemon, too.

My favorite regions are probably Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. Johto holds sentimental value too, and I nearly died of joy over Heart Gold. I have a huge list of favorite Pokemon, but the really big ones are Pichu, Tauros, Sentret, Duskull, Croagunk, Minccino and Woobat. I love all the female Pokemon trainers in the games, too. <3

My collection is on the smallish side, and definitely plushie-centric! It consists mostly of random Pokemon that I like or plushies that I found cute.

My apologies for the bad camera pics with some of these! haha
I'm hoping to get a camera soon, but for now this will have to do.

This is what my bookcase looked like Feb. 2010. It's looking neatly organized in this picture, right? WELL IT AIN'T ANYMORE.
But first, some highlights of what I've got here:

Jakks Pacific Electronic Plush Starly was a present from my Mom...that I picked out [like most of my collection]. I love you, Mom! haha
I saw it in my local grocery store and had to have it. I think this was the catalyst for me falling in love with Starly. He can talk, but I never use that feature. :P

Pokecen Pichu Brother plush! I love him so much. I got him on the old PokemonCenter.com website many years back. Unfortunately I cut off the tag. He's been well loved but is still in good condition except for a little scratch on his eye.

And figures! I shan't spend too much time going over the figs I have for fear of making a huge tl;dr post.

Here's my bed at the moment, with an electronic Buneary [same line as Starly], the Pichu bro, and a huge Meowth. He was my mystery plush for quite some time, but thanks to PokePlushProject I now know he was made by Hasbro around 1997. He's not in the best shape anymore, poor dear.

...and this is my bookcase today. It's a sea of Pokemon!
A list of the plush toys here:
Pokecen Tepig, Jakks Duskull, Pokecen Zorua; Jakks Meowth, Drifblim, Psyduck and Croagunk; Pokecen Oshawott; Jakks Snorlax, Riolu, and Turtwig; and finally Pokecen Snivy. In the big Pokeball, Jakks throwplush Wobbuffet is hiding. He's shy.

The Pokecen plushies were all obtained at the Black and White Mall Tour. :D

[I had an owie spot, so I shooped a Croagunkaid on it.]

Korotto Manmaru series ballchain Croagunk plush! I love him so much. +sobs+
I found him at a store in San Francisco's Japan Town, along with these babies:

Jakks Sandile and Takara Tomy Minccino!
The Minccino is one of my favorite plush toys ever. It's so ridiculously cute and perfect in every way. Squee!

That's my collection so far. I have toys on the way, though! I'm eagerly awaiting a Banpresto Gizamimi Pichu and the Gizamimi Pichu Pokedoll! With any luck, I shall be posting about them next week. :D

Thanks for looking! <3
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