segamew (segamew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Leeky's Ultra FANTASTIC GA Payment #3 is Here!

So you people seem to react more when you see an image of something you recognize. The GA has arrived, please click on the pretty pictures to warp! Photos of everyone's items will come either tomorrow or Friday :D Also, please read the Note section (at the very right end of the spreadsheet) to see if I have anything important to tell you, need info from you, etc.

Random things of note:

I PM'd everyone except beckyuh about late payments. IF YOU ARE READING THIS, PAY FOR YOUR MINUN PILLOW @___@; Your PMs are disabled so yeah :(
And to safir_hime, you accidentally underpaid Payment #3. Please PM me before I have to PM you @_@

If everything goes well (hahaha.... LOL... @_@; ), everything should be 100% shipped by Friday or Monday. That's my goal towards 100% completion on all of my GAs before starting a new one.

Now for the question of the night... Anyone have a Natu Pokedoll MWT to sell me? @___@;

Well actually here's the real question of the night:

Have any of you guys get close to or actually go over your credit card limit on anything your collect? Do you do it on purpose because you need said item(s) that much, or is it accidental? How many of you own multiple credit cards because you are not satisfied with your limit? 8D And is there a single Pokemon item out there that would make you consider maxing out your card?

I believe I went over my credit card limit once, and that's the day when I finally was released from Navy Boot camp after being imprisoned for 7 months. 7 months without video games, personal electronics, civilian clothes, etc. I blew my money on a TV, Wii, and an assortment of games. Those purchases alone actually wasn't what caused me to go overlimit though. I was paying for expensive internet back at the Boot camp base... horrible but I had no choice, I couldn't save money at all.

BUT ANYWAY, if there was one item that I would consider going FFFFFFFFFF on my account, it would probably be certain autographed Pokemon merch. I haven't quite decided whose signature I would pay a lot for though Pokemon-wise.

But anyway really, I'm still looking for a Natu Pokedoll >.>;;;

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