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an update of all the junk i keep getting yay

well i'm sort of completely inept at posting collection updates, like not only posting once every six months so i guess i should give it a shot before i forget or something idk.


if you came looking for beast boy then he's in here too TOUGH LUCK KID

so uuuh

first are these paper bros. i already had nidoking from a long while back. nidoran M was a little bastard and a little bit of him ripped when i was folding him so now i need to glue him. D:<

some cool flats. the orange one is from a memory game or something from kyogres recently and idk what those two in the middle are but does anyone know if nidorino exists? this is what sucks about collecting a line. those things are cool because on the back:

they have golden stuff! yay golden stuff!

and next we have MORE FLATS BECAUSE EVERYTHING NIDOKING IS FLATS specifically from myprettysoldier  i think.

yes, i wanted the one on the right because of that tiny derpy nidoran. ho hum.

i don't know what this is at all but it folds down. it's pretty cool. and green.

amada stickers are completely ridiculous and i am always buying new ones. i already have a frame half full of them, why are there still more. D;

the one on the far right is one i've had for a while now. anyway, these three came from Gin and now i think i have every color of all three. idk maybe there are more, who knows. so i'm not sure what the one on the right is anymore, but i used to have two of them. i just sent one (and some other nidos) off to 3kame (SURPRISE) and idk if you have them but w/e.

if only it could somehow be divided and i could give the meowth half to a meowth collector. but alas. you're supposed to play with someone else i think. some kind of rock/paper/scissors type game. BATTKESHI

some super rare keshimon. you can check the pkmncollectors wiki for a list of these. nidoran is the only one of his line to get these tiny figures. i had one a long time ago and just got the other recently (both from Gin). and they are really tiny:

i ALWAYS ignored buying these for some reason. i offhandedly asked what was with the gengar and then i was told that DUH IT'S THE OPENING SCENE OF POKEMON. i can't convey to you how dumb i felt that i had yet to realize that fact.

i'm going to assume nidorino has one of these. anyway, nidoking is the new one.

the new one is the bronze one (from Gin again). are there more colors i should be aware of? i have a green metal nidoran M...

i put this binder off FOREVER before finally decided i should get with the program and buy it. i originally intended to frame my cards, but after spending $90 on frames and STILL not being able to fit all my flats, i decided it would be better to just use this binder. huh.

the inside shows off further laziness of not getting all the cards. i'll get around to it eventually... luckily i already have the vending machine promos and all the hard to find expensive stuff. eh.

and... that's actually it nido wise this time.

OH. i also had five different people (yes really) kindly link me to the same auction for a nidoking backpack. i can safely say it's the most i've ever spent on a backpack, but i wasn't going to let it get away. why? IT WAS GREEN. AND IT WASN'T THAT STRANGE PLASTIC GREEN NIDOKING BACKPACK EITHER. A LEGIT FABRIC ONE. so i apologize if you were bidding on it (who else but someone from here would bid it up past 20 british pounds?)

but really

it has nidoking on it and its the same shade as my favorite shape shifter. IT WILL BE COMING SOON.

so thank you to everyone who tipped me off, i appreciate it a lot!

and i'll conclude with this stack of pokemon with you pins. my friends decided it was a cool concept so they all donated and gin delivered us the pins! i highly recommend getting some, they are cheap and they are for a good cause. :)

thank you and good night

wow i totally didn't even center my post.
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