segamew (segamew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The Ultra FANTASTIC Photos

Click the photo below to see everyone's items! I'm missing my own co-host hebilea 's items in the photo shoot. Will include after work >___>

Don't forget to pay~ SPREADSHEET HERE

There will be some bit of unclaimed items being offered up to GA participants. This will also include the unclaimed items from Leeky's Super Plush GA :) Stay tuned, I'll likely just mass PM each individual GA participants when the time comes. For those who did not participate in my 1st and 3rd GAs but want some of the unclaimed stuff, stay tuned as well (that is, if there's anything left at all!)

If you wish to wait to see if anything you may like is available to be claimed before paying, you are free to wait before paying Payment #3!
Satisfied with my hosting/selling/etc abilities? Go leave feedback HERE!
Do I owe you feedback? Fill out the form HERE!

Often times I get a flood of messages and may not notice you sending me messages all the time. Yes I am aware of the Farfetch'D Johto dex charm on Y!JA, thanks for helping me out, but it is a tad too expensive with the exchange rate as it is right now 8D;;;
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