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Super Duper Rush Sales! + Tepig Want

Long time no see, PkmnCollectors! I've been a part of this community since the summer of 2009 but I'm not a very active poster or commenter. I've recently kept my status to mostly lurking because I don't have a lot of extra income for pokemon goods these days... soon though! I'm moving to a new town and hope to have better luck out there then here... :D

But because I am moving I wanted to have some VERY QUICK Last minute pokemon sales! I've reduced the prices in my store and finally got around to adding some small  B/W things.  The only catch is that All sales must be arranged by 3pm PST today, and all payments must be sent no later than Midnight tonight. This is so I can wrap and ship everything tomorrow morning, the only time I have before I need to pack the rest of my home.

Thanks everyone who checked out my sales, the post is now closed!

Last but not least, I can't stand it anymore, I really want a TEPIG POKEDOLL. I meant to get one when he first came out but it was bad timing for me. I'm looking to spend $27 ~ $30 shipped (I'm in the US).  So if you have this cutie for sale please peep up! 

While I'm editing this post, I thought I'd post about one of the reasons I love TEPIG! While I was teaching a ceramics class to K-5 students, one of the girls (I think she was 6) would bring a tiny Oshawott plush to class (the kind that goes inside a plastic pokeball) I told her that I also like pokemon so she asked me who I liked so I said Tepig. She called him "tea-pig" like teapot, instead of "teh-pig" which was super cute <3 Well at the end of class she drew me this thank you card XD Best ever.
Tags: custom, deerling, eevee, emolga, pikachu, sales, skymin, tepig, woobat
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