mewstor (mewstor) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A pile of posters

So, I just lost a bag of posters I was going to sell (the ones that would have been easier to ship X(), but I found another one instead! Lets see if this'll work.

I am selling them all! These are from my personal collection, but I think I need to let them go since I never hung these on a wall and probably never will. The problem is that shipping them individually from Finland would cost way too much, since these are the bigger ones. I actually lost some money on my last poster sales because of the local post office trolling me pretty badly. (That place sucks...) Plus I don't want to end up with a partial collection, so that means I will try to sell them as a lot.

Here is what I have.

(A bit wrinkled)

(Rival might be a bit wrinkled)

(Some wrinkles/"waves". Not bad)

(Minor wrinkles. These are old.)

(Minor wrinkles. Old.)

Some have wrinkles/waves in them but I don't think it's too bad. I'm keeping them under a weight to make them more straight.

I am looking to get atleast $300 for the lot, but I will consider anything over $200 (just no promises). The price includes shipping! That is why I am asking so much. Finnish post office asks way too much for about anything too big to be a letter. I measured the bubble mailer they are in and it should go through as a max letter, although it's very close to being a package (and that would cost even more).

Please ask questions and make your offers below.

The lot is being GA'd! Expect more info soon!
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