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AWESOME eBay score/sales help

Hello all!
I guess you would call this a bit of a collection update, but I just won a HUGE lot of Zukan (and other) figures on eBay!!

Really one of the reasons I am posting this is I am not sure if want everything in this lot and may need to make a little of the money I am paying back. So I was wondering what people were interested in if I may sell some of these amongst the community. Though for this, I need sale permission so I will have to get back to this later if I get enough interest. If anyone could help me out I would very much appreciate it!

Now on to the winnings! (pictures from the listing)

Movie Zukans!!!!!!!!!!agouhrai9erghfsizduagyfhoiqwuegfhldsauyf (probably keeping all of these)

Mystery Dungeon, never seen these before..

I may have left a few pictures out and if I have I will add them later.
Also, I will post the first update of my Latias and Latios collection within the next week. So keep an eye out for that!

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