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Price checks? Plus wants and updates!

Hey everyone! <333 How are ye fine gentle people today B:

Just a quick post today, essentially giving updates and looking for prices/interest on items I've aquired!

Firstly, I've been really busy for the past week as its been my boyfriends birthday and all his family has been over; so I've been commenting back to people very slowly over my sales and whatnot XD So if youre waiting for a response, I apologise! I'll get back to you asap. 

I'll be updating my sales this week also, just need to reorganise everything! Keep an eye out for that :D

Secondly, I've aquired some items recently that I wasn't originally going to sell, but am debating it as I'm going on holiday in two weeks. Just seeing if anyone would be interested? Includes a blastoise sketch deck box, a load of japanese TCG and some rare DX tomy figures!

so firstly, here is the deckbox! I know these boxes are usually very rare and I was originally going to use it, but I don't think it's the right size for my deck :C I also havent seen a blastoise one before, so yeah!

It's very clearly been used, some of the image has slightly rubbed in areas and its split a little up near the lid. It comes with the original divider :) I know the charizard and venusaur ones of these are crazy expensive, so was wondering if blastoise was the same? I've never seen this one before :)

And these are the other things I'm interested in getting a price gague/interest in! They still need a lot of cleaning (I'm getting a magic eraser to get all the crayon marks off tomorrow!)

DX tomys! skarmory we may be keeping (its the worst of the three anyways, he's missing his tail poor guy!) as he is the one I bought them for, but we were wondering how rare the others were? And if anyone would be interested once they were fully cleaned and restored?

second are my japanese cards! I'm actually aiming to trade these more than sell them. Some are definately for trade whilst others I'm a lot more attatched to. My wishlists are just after!

these are the cards definately for trade:

and these are the ones I'm kinda attatched to, good offers only please and some are definately not for trade:

and here are my wishlists if you wanna find out what I'm after! I'll happily buy AND trade merch for these cards too! Now with a raichu wants list!

WISH LIST 1 (stars, shinings, etc, my most wanted cards!)
WISH LIST 2 (promos)
WISH LIST 3 (raichu cards, ex's, legend halves)
WISH LIST 4 (TCG deck wants)

I am also interested in ANY Gible and Raichu items you have for sale! I am also interested in any and ALL Gible flats you may have! Let me see what you have! <333 I have the craving for new gibgibs XD I'll also look at customs, but I'm pretty picky! Im particuarly after:

-The gible papercraft (mini grail right here XD)
-Gible line foam aircraft
-Gible line dutch poster

Will pay a lot for those!

I think that's all! Thanks so much, I LOVE YOU GUYS ALFLASDGLWAG

as a final send-off, have a look at my pathetic mewtwo collection XD

Tags: blastoise, cards, cyndaquil, gible, houndour, sales, skarmory
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