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First off, some reminders and a question.

Not surprisingly, Pikachu is the last plate that needs a claim in this set. Only $6.50 + shipping and he's yours! Someone please give Partychu a home? :'c All plates have been claimed, huzzah! :D
Check out the original GB post here for all the info!
Attention segamew , safir_hime :
Please send $6.50 + shipping ($6 for US, $8 for int'l) to akaikiri.madoushi(at)yahoo.com, and include 'Plate GB payment' with your username and what you bought in the memo!!

Second, a sales/auction reminder! I forgot to set lowest offers, as per the new community rules, so those are up. I also added a few things to the regular Pokemon part of my sales post - including some neat metal coins and cheap pencil toppers! I'm fairly slow to ship right now, mind you, so please be aware of this before buying. ^^;
Y'know, those round glass stones with the flat back? I have a TON of Pokemon/gaming pictures that would be perfect for it, as I used to do a lot of shoebox collages. But lately, I find myself uninspired, and out of shoeboxes. Most of my pictures come from old instruction manuals and Nintendo Power, so there's some neat art in there.
They wouldn't be all that pricey or done to make a profit. I just figure I could clear out some stuff as well as make some neat items for collectors at the same time. :3

Now that that's out of the way... it's time for the most important part of this post - a collection update! ^w^

If you get the reference, that's awesome. If you also play tabletop games like D&D, you get a lava cookie! :D

So. Last time I posted an awesome photo story that took hours to throw together. This time, I'm not only lazy, but I have far less to show off. xD; Still, I've gotten really excited at the progress of my collection lately, especially because there were some metaphorical cherries broken within the last week. ;D

Starting off... there's a couple of neat gets from an ebay lot that contained mostly Tomys.

Old metal coins! The lot came with a couple other metal coins and old cardboard TCG coins as well, which were either given to friends or put up for sale. Anyway, now all I need is Charizard! :D

... hmm? Charizard, you say? Of COURSE there will be some quality 'zard in this update! All the way from Japan is this awesome towel!

Big huggles to ktmonkeyj for this! Along with this package came a first...

Jirachi clearfile! While this was a little smaller than I thought it would be, it's still perfect enough to hold all my flats:

Well... all you see here are zukan inserts and thank you notes. ^^; It really makes me smile to see a handwritten note inside my packages - so much that I've started to do it myself as well. Oh, and that small Jirachi sticker also came on the envelope containing my towel and clearfile. I didn't notice it at first, until I went to recycle the envelope. It caught my eye, and I squeaked. The art is so cute!
So yes. Thanks for everything, including the note, sticker, and the PC bag, ktmonkeyj! <3

I suppose some of you are curious about that adorable Spinarak doodle in that last picture.

This freaking ADORABLE art came from methuselah31010 , as seen in the picture, along with an awesome Zelda shirt aaaand...

THIS! GIANT HASBRO SPINARAK! (Seen here along with its younger (older? xD) siblings - the Tomy and kid. It's interesting to note that the kid was my first purchase from this community, along with an Ariados. Anyway, the Hasbro is in PERFECT condition and makes me squee so hard! <3 Now I'm determined to get the shiny one, even if it costs an arm and a pincer! Seriously guys, these Hasbro figures are amazing.

Another first - actually, several of them, came this week, one also in the form of a cute little green bug.

ZUKANS! :D I'm still beyond shocked at how detailed they are... and how small. ;-; Not sure if I'll ever be able to obtain the Charmander line, as it goes for so much and I could never justify spending so much on something so tiny. xD;
Anyway, the Jirachi movie one came from shiningmew, and the Dewgong and still MIP Spinny/Ledyba ones came from the wonderful  espeon_lover. I couldn't resist setting up the Dewgong one as soon as I got it,  but because I moved a week later, I chose to leave the other in its packaging.

Not gonna lie, I was almost afraid to put together Seel & Dewgong because of the stories I've heard about pegs getting broken/stuck/etc. However, I didn't have a problem. For the most part, though, I'm going to steer clear of zukans - as cute as they are, they can definitely be an expensive (and addictive!) collection.

Spinarak seems to be a little shy, as he doesn't like to face forwards while hanging down - hence why he's using the tree for some cover. ^^;
Figure I might as well go after the ones of my merch-selective favorites, as there really isn't much in the way of cute sea animals and mythologically bad ass 'spiders'.

The Spoink arrived a long time ago (according to my list of stuff that I've bought) from happyjolteon , but was formerly attached to a necklace, so it wasn't featured until now. The cute little peek-a-boo Jirachi also came from  shiningmew.

Got a few more things from aleyina - the person who I've probably bought the most from on here. xD What can I say? She's got awesome sales! <3

From juumou ... isn't this adorable? xD

From kiiyame - Charizard bottlecap and a cute keychain! A lot of my neat Char stuff comes from her. ^^

A random find from Value Village! My boyfriend's roomie spotted this actually, and overall wasn't too interested in it. But something made me perk up... asides from the nifty holographic starter art on the cover, that is.

As it says, it contains special Sugimori art - something I'm a sucker for! Squeetastically enough, some of the sprites in the dex are random old art from the days of RBY and even GSC! So what's this special art, you ask?

Random, huh? xD This book only covers up to gen 3, as it was printed in 2004 and covers FR/LG. But as far as I know, we never really saw this art till semi-recently, after the release of HG/SS.

Moving on... yet another first, with Meowth & Psyduck on the way - applause plush!

Oh my goodness, these things are just so gosh darn cute! This one came from a GA graciously hosted by myvampirelust19 , along wiiiiiith...

Charmeleon marble bag! However, this one serves a purpose, one relevant to the lj cut text.

Aww yeah D&D! :D
I recently bought a Meowth one for my boyfriend, and would LOVE to pick up either a Nidoking or Scyther one, if either exist, for my roommate/DM! Pleasepleasplease message me if you have either for sale!
And if you're a D&D player, I'd love to chat with you! xD
My current characters are a faerie dragon and a half-nymph soulknife. /snerk

Oh, and one more update picture. Feast your eyes on my box 'o Tomys! :D

Look at how much my collection has grown! I'm hoping to stop by XS Cargo to see what they have for shelves, as I'd love to display them. I've got ledges around the walls of my new bedroom too that allow me to display other items in my collection! :D
Many thanks to countless others whom I shall not yet name (not till I do another update) in case I Jynx jinx the rest of the packages on the way to me, for helping me complete my tomy collection little by little! 
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