brin073 (brin073) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello there!!

I have been a long time lurker (and by long time, I do mean a couple of years), but have never posted before. I have been a fan of Pokemon for as long as I can remember, and have recently started collecting Pokedolls after my recent trip to Japan.

Here's a few things you should know

-- I'm from Queensland, Australia

-- I have quite a liking for the softer side of Pokemon collecting, namely plushes, (especially Pokedolls!)

-- I do have quite a liking for Munchlax, and would love have so many more plushes of him!

I've put up my collection to date. I hope to meet many more Pokemon lovers here!

Most of my plushies. The Top shelf are all Pokedolls, Bottom shelf are all Jakks.

Tomy plushies with my Munchlax Pokedoll making an appearance!

And of course my Munchalx collection, including Pokedoll and Monsterball. :D

Tags: munchlax
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