Sarah/Toasty (agkelikos) wrote in pkmncollectors,

small collection weeding

I'm reluctantly having to weed my collection. This is only a tiny sales post but there may be more soon, watch this space.

Also apologies for not being around so much lately, I got struck down with some kind of allergy/virus combination and still recovering. x.x I will be making a major collection update soon (with added grail effect) but will likely have to hiatus from collecting/selling for a while afterwards as I settle in to university. I'll probably still poke around the comm though. Thanks for being awesome guys!

Anyways click below for sales! :3 I have a few plush, Kids, TOMY figures and other bits and pieces in there. To make things quicker/easier I'm including shipping in all prices, wherever you are so grab a deal while you can. X3

Sales Permission granted by dakajojo on 03/02/2011
Tags: sales
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