briknits (briknits) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Unfulfilled Order with pkmnbadges

I've been waiting 4 months for my Johto badge order from pkmnbadges. Is anyone else still waiting for their Johto badge order?

I haven't received a response to any of my emails sent since July 17, 2011.

If you are in a similar situation of not being able to reach Zac/ not yet received your order please contribute to this post so we can keep track of those who still have pending orders.

If anyone is able to reach Zac/pkmnbadges could you please direct him to this post to resolve his outstanding orders.

Edit 08/19/2011:

I heard from Zac via email today, he will be making a post to the community or on this thread shortly regarding his situation over the last few weeks. He is still interested in making an effort to ship out the badges that are still pending.

I have received a refund for my order and consider this transaction resolved. Thanks to Zac for his communication and prompt resolution.
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