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two mpc ga lot!

Sorry for the blinding colours guys LOL. If you have noticed from GAs and sales before, I do love me lime green and hot pink... xD Well here are the most recent MPC sets up for bids! Rules and details inside. This ends quick! In just 29 hours, so get those bids in ^_^ I will do a final reminder post tomorrow a few hours before the auction ends.


- I am claiming:
   Karrablast from LOT 1 for $12
   Basculin from LOT 1 for $12
   Ferrothorn from LOT 2 for $14

- Each MPC starts at $9!
-Bid as much as you're willing to pay and please do not always expect discounts
- Bids placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction will auto-extend it 5 minutes per the community rules
- PayPal payments only!
- This is a Y! Japan lot. There will be (2) payments. Payment from me to deputy, shipping from deputy to me, and shipping from me to you and shipping from you to me. There were no complaints last time and you save on fees! So I feel this is a better choice.

Better pics here:

- Countdown clock is here:
Tags: alomomola, basculin, braviary, dewott, foongus, group auction, mpc, pignite, sawsbuck, scraggy, vanillite
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