lyndsay (lyndsaygorawr) wrote in pkmncollectors,

couple wants

Hello. n.n
I am doing a boring wants post today. Lol
I am getting the charizard banpresto so for now that's all I am buying but if you have one of the others for sale you are welcome to let me know so I cab keep you in mind for my next pay check. Lol

I want all of these guys.
Banpresto charizard
Charizard pokedoll
Latias pokedoll
Don't have to have hang tags (but I wouldn't mind if they did. ;3) just want them to be in nice condition.

Also look forward to a collection post! I have got quite a bit of new stuff and new place to put my Pokemon stuff. As soon as all my packages arrive I will make a post! (Look forward to dragons and plusles and Minuns. ;3)
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