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Rock collecting is fun.

So. I have a collection to show you guys. A side collection, but still.

Geodude, Graveler and Golem. To be honest, I love Golem, he's just so awesome. And Geodude brings back a lot of memories for me. And to top it all off, he was also the first shiny I caught in DP on my main game - Despite knowing Self Destruct, I got lucky with an Ultra Ball XD

Here they are in all their glory, not including flats. And missing the Graveler Tomy MC that's somewhere around.
The TFGs aren't shopped or anything honest

Close up. As usual, camera can't decide if it wants to use the flash or not, and doesn't give me the choice either.
Applause Geodude is just so darn grumpy.

I need more of those stampers. And metal figures.

I really, really love the Geo-line zukan. It's one of my faves. Just a shame Jakks talking Golem just makes rumbling noises and doesn't speak his name >:

And the way past awesome TFG figures. Just look at the epicness.

And, complimentary nature Poke-pics.


'Not so tough now, are ya Venusaur?'

Disclaimer: I have another one. I know, it's scary how badly that poor Simba has gotten.

So yeah, I'm interested in Geo-line figures you may have. No flats for now though!

I also have a quick sale!

Treecko are the European Pokedolls, and are $14 each shipped anywhere in the world. They are good condition with tush tag, but one of them does have a stain on the back of his head as seen here, but I'm pretty certain it will come out. No guarantees! And Torchic is $16 shipped.
I may consider trades for Absol, Squirtle line, Sandile line or Lion King stuff. I may consider haggling too!
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