lovelychu (lovelychu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

UPDATE!!! Chikoritas+Whimsicotts+Cilan+More &Sales

Hey everyone

So it has been a while since I have posted an update!

There are more Chiki's on the way but this is what the collection is so far

My Whimsicott + Cottonee  + Sewadle collection <3

Here are my Emolga + Minccino Plush <3

POKEDOLLS <3 I hope for the collection to grow >.< I know my mom has an Oshawott one hidden for my BDAY as well as 3 other Oshawott plushes So that update will be the first of December!

CILAN <333 Made by the amazing Usako Chan <3 Starting of a collection <3 Cant help but love him and his little detective hat xD

My AMAZING 1-1 Poliwhirl <333 Isnt he beautiful??? <333

And my adorable little Vaporeon <3 She is made with Minky Fabric <3 So soft and cuddly!

Raichu's <333

Now these two are for sale, they are in great condition, but Grovyle is missing butt tag >.<

Just offer on it I will either accept or Pass!
I really dont know what they are worth but I bought them years ago at ToysRus

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