Sheshy-San (eevee_kins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Update + TJ Question

So im selling some extra plushys that are just collecting dust and need a loving home,which include Minky Zorua and Umbreon Pokedoll from a store run.I also have lowered the price on some of the plushes and items,
and added in some Pan stickers (include legendary,canines,starters a few other pokemon).

Also today I found a neat eeveelution tin ;] ,like new in package at my fleamarket,it up for sale as well along with a chansey! skateboard. Click on the silly eevee picture below x]! to go to my sales

Also I have a quick question to those who use Treasure-Japan,
I recently bidded on a small lot and placed my highest bid.
At the last 30min's or so,I had other competition lol but I got notification saying I was the highest bid,when i checked the auction at the last minute it said there was another bid higher then mine,but my bid was still higher then there's so i wondered maybe they were gonna bid at the last minute?My highest bid was 4,100 yen,while the current bid was 3,315 around there.So the auction ended,and the last bidder was NOT tre**** which I assume was treasure-japan,but jun*** ,so I figured I was gonna get a loosing notification? But oddly I got a winning one saying I won at the 3000yen etc. So im a bit confused ?

Did treasure-japan make a mistake,will they let me know in a few days that I lost and not win,I checked the status and it in" process #1
We've received the confirmation of your order from shops. / We could contact the seller of auction."

So I have no idea right now?has this ever happened to anyone else,if so what ended up happening
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