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Hi all! Been a while. Wanted to post my awesome SSS gift i got from hantsukihaunter !

I was way too excited when I went to the Post Office to pick up my gift so I didn't get any un-wrapping photos XD sorry!

But my haul was prettttty good :) <3

I got a cute little fan with Lapras on it who's one of my favs, and an ANA bag with a flying Lapras! I actually work at Boeing so ANA is one of our customers so I thought that was pretty funny / neat.

My FAVORITE thing is the Love Demo little tote with Lady Pika and Eevee on it!! It's 10000% adorable and just the prefect size to keep some of my new craft tools in! Goes great with my Goomy bag that holds my sewing stuff :D I have kind of a weekness for little bags and this one is just adorbs.

I also got a Vaporeon clip and magnet! She's such a cutie. And a cool rubbery Leafeon head charm thing which goes great on my demo bag :P and some little fun stationary bits and bobs that I can use at work and futher convince my co-workes that I'm insane!

Thanksk so much hantsukihaunter for a great SSS gift :) 
Chillin Quag Beach

Quagsire Sale

Hi all! I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I’m done collecting. Nothing dramatic or anything, I’m just not that into it anymore. I still love Pokemon and I’m sure I’ll still be checking the community for new fun merchandise but I’m more into functional things now, like cups and pens etc.

It's been an exciting journy and I want to send a big thank you to everyone who helped me along the way, your kindness is not forgotten <3

I’ve kept a few things, like customs, and a some items that I really like, but the rest is up for auction.

Please read my auction rules as they are slightly different than normal!

Quags 1 .jpgquags 2.jpg
quags 3.jpgqugsires 4.jpg

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Chillin Quag Beach

Collection Update!

Hi all!

I wanted to re-organize my collection so I took the oppertunity to take some new photos of my Quags.

The activity level on aquiring new quags was pretty low for a long time; as I had most everything that was avalible.

But recently, thanks to poliwhirl a few new blue babies have joined the masses.... or at least is blending in quite well :)

Also thanks to Digi and Swap for their metal GA's because I have 2 new metal figures on their way! and I'm stoked! woot!

Can you spot the new comer? Some may even call him an imposter!

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I just found out this guy exists and I want it SO BAD!
I belive this is a clear TOMY figure! I've never seen it till now and I just came across it on google on someone's collection site named "nerdinsweden"
If anyone has this to sell or comes across it please let me know!

I'm also after these itmes:
1) Metal Coin *grail*
2) Metal Figures (excluding gold)
3) Chop stick rest
4) Soft touch figure (not a kid figure)
5) Marble
6) Stamp
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indiffernt quagsire

Pathtags update / info / Small wants

I wanted to put a little update out here since Ive sent out a few hundred pathtags ~

I have shipped consistently every Monday, so the Monday after you sent payment is when your tag was shipped; unless I contacted you otherwise. If your payment was sent on a Monday, it most likely went out the following Monday.

Tags were shipped via normal envelope and stamp so normal mail times are expected. Within the states this is *normally* 2-7 days; however I would ask that you wait some additional time for quirks in processing. International times vary.

If you think too much time has elapsed and think your tag may be lost please contact me with your original payment info; I will do my best to cover losses but supplies are lmitied.

Thank you ~

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On an unrelated note I'm looking for some Pita Pokes.... Specifically Tympol; I may be intrested in others depending on price. Packaging is not a must.

I'm also intrested in the Zip Pouches from the Goomy Promo ~
indiffernt quagsire


Hi All!

Pathtags are in and pre-orders have been processed so now I bring you open sales for the rest of the tags!

These will be first come first serve, and once they are gone, thats it! (till next year!)

$5 per tag
(+$0.50 flat international shipping fee)

$4 per 'C' tag
(+$0.50 flat international shipping fee)

Please read:

I have 70 normal tags up for sale, and 19 tags that have more significant defects, I'm calling these 'C' tags.

The enamel for the tags are done by hand so all of them have a chance of having small defects, but I've picked though them one by one by hand to weed out any that I consider to have more sever defects - which I've dubbed 'C' tags

I have these for sale at $4 but purchase at your own discression, I will not feild any complaints about the look of these tags once recieved. They aren't crazy awful but some some have larger areas missing enamel or letters not filled in or mixed colors etc.

Unless you specify I will assum you are asking for a normal tag.
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