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Hey guys the auction is almost ending with just a day left!

Still at its opening bid of $750 for both legendary bird zukans in great condition!


Auction Clock:

Link to the auction!


Good luck bidding!
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I'm streamlining my collection into solely the 2" tomy pokemon and thus this past grail of mine has to go - hopefully to a big zukan collector! The Zukans come in their original packaging and with a certificate of authentication from the lottery originally used to win them! There are currently only 2000 in the entire world. Both Lugia and Ho-oh are in great condition. The bidding for both will start at $750. More pictures of both can be seen below, thanks for checking out my auction ! :)

Rules please read before bidding!Collapse )

PICTURES!Collapse )

Auction clock countdown:


If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!
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11 June 2014 @ 01:31 am
Hey every just a couple questions about the proxy service, and yes I did already read the tutorials : P

1. Do the deposits have to be in USD? Paypal transaction fees are lame.

2. How much should I expect shipping to be for small items? To Canada ON. How about a large shipment say a couple of P.O.P one piece boxes (IK not pokemon but i will probably end up combining both shipments so...)

Thx for answering my pending questions :)


P.S: Collection update quite soon!
01 June 2014 @ 08:18 pm
Hello friendly collectors, I am sorry I haven't posted in a long time but school has kept me busy! Fear not I have a lots of gets which I will make into a post later on ^^

Now regarding the purpose of this post! I need a proxy service in which I could order Japan exclusives at a reasonable fee. Let me know which you use and please explain to me as best as you can how it works - nooby at proxies and all that haha :)

To make this post less boring: here is the same cute pikachu I use every time my post is boring haha.



Thx in advance for the help everyone !

P.S: Sorry if I respond late, its a busy Sunday today.
Hello friendly collectors I come to you with a want nay A NEED! I really want this tomy clear mew, I've been searching for a while now have yet to see it other than on James' website, pic stolen from James website http://tomydatabase.weebly.com/ :

clear mew tomy

If you have one to sell or seen it on Ebay or wherever let me know thx!

Now, Im trying to finish up my Pokemon team on X, but i need the following two pokemon - Togepi and Gliscor! I'll be in a convention soon and there will be a lot of Pokemon competition - thereof i need to finish my team up really soon! Please let me know if you have one of these two (especially togepi) and will pm each other for the info to trade - thx for all your help in advance~!

I have Pokemon X btw.
24 April 2014 @ 01:42 am
Hey sorry I havent posted anything for a while - but i have gotten some gets, ill make a big post later on, when i finish exams haha.

Anyhow for now i really want this Tomy: its a Mew Alternative Clear tomy - I'd like it in good condition shipped to Canada ON.

clear mew tomy

Oh and the mewtwo clear tomy as well!

Let me know if you've seen one of these or have one to sell thx ! : )

EDIT; Picture is from http://tomydatabase.weebly.com/ which belongs to James in this community. Hope you don't mind me using it. : C
First now that i have the special lottery lugia and ho-oh zukan im relaly thinking of collecting the leg. birds and dogs zukan. (to pose with them appropriately xD). In regards to the birds i see articuno has one with ice all over, is there one of moltres and zapdos with kind of a special effect like the articuno one? Or a regular articuno one? It doesnt seem like they go together well D:

Now for the gets :D!

mew! Mew! MEw! MEW!!!Collapse )

The first mew is the CoroCoro Mew in brand new condition :D! Flawless. Going to try and PSA it but idk how it works? Has any1 done this before? Can give some advice etc (much appreciated :) )

The second one is an already PSA 10 condition Ancient Mew card, i was so happy to see this because it is so RARE to see this card in such perfect condition. Probably because most people got them as kids haha. I've been looking for this for a long time xD.

However, i may get rid of these in the future because unfortunately they really are odd in terms of what im collecting :/ (figures). Or i may make like a framed poster with all my favorite cards and hang them haha buh.

Amongst some other cards which have some value (both monetary and sentimental) Got the original 3 starters signed by the voice actor of Ash ketchup (such a nice woman btw :P)

Anyhow thx for the help with some of these questions and thx for viewing ^^.
26 January 2014 @ 05:04 pm
Hey everyone I am finally able to update my gets, and boy did i receive such an awesome gets over Christmas Break even a huge grail of mine :D

Warning image heavy:

So anyhow here are some tomy gets including rare ones!

First some tomy which i dont collect, but they are awesome amazing, and rare 2nd gen tomy's at that.

Tomy second genCollapse )

Now for some random toys that came with my tomy lots:

cutCollapse )

Now the Tomy's i actualyl collect 1st gen :P Got some pretty cool ones: and a very rare one:

Tomy 1st genCollapse )

Yes the rare awesome silver mewtwo :D! So lucky to have found one.

Now for what you've all been waiting for GRAIL TIME!!!

Lets see who can guess what it is with only this lil image:

If you guessed the special lottery zukan of lugia and ho-oh which only 1000 were made for the competition in the entire world! Then u are correct! (granted 1000 more copies were reprinted later in late 2000's) but the ones i have are from the lotto special :D

Photo shoot of the amazing grail: They are beautiful figures, highly detailed, the plastic feel and smell is phenomenal high end plastic haha. My only complain is that the bases came somewhat dirty (should be expected from such an old toy) but i think i could clean them out and make them more clear. Anyhow i love them and would like to thank xxstarcassxx for pointing me in the right direction towards the grail! Without further ado:

Grail Get!Collapse )

Well thx for reading everyone, ik it was a long post :P Hope u enjoyed it! ^^
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After finding out what Setteis are they fall right in what i like to collect!

So i am looking for Setteis of all types of pokemon! I prefer the following: Charizard, Mew, Metwo, Blastoise, Venasaur, Pikachu,Lapras, Dragonite, Lugia, Ho-oh, 3 legendary birds.

However, i am willing to look at any and all setteis which u are willing to sell!

PLEASE NOTE: I prefer setteis from the original anime. (the first season)!!! (Yes i am aware that lugia and ho-oh wouldnt be part of it :P)

Questions for my new side collection:

How can i tell if a settei is authentic? Are there even fake setteis?

Where would i buy setteis if there is a specific website plz direct me 2 it :D (or is it just like ebay and stuff like that?) Would shops like mandarake or other anime stores have them... (new at collecting setteis)

Thx for everyones help and offers ^^"!
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Hi every1, im looking for two extremely rare and limited zukan pieces. Apparently only 1000 (maybe 2000, correct me if im wrong) were made for a lottery sweepstakes in Japan. Yup you guessed it im looking for the limited Lugia or Ho-Ho lottery sweepstakes zukan: I really need these 2 figures in my life aha. Specifically the lugia one but ill take w.e i can get my hands on! Im aware of how rare these figures appear, so if for whichever reason uve decided to move on from these (ik at least one person bought it once in the community aha quick google search xD) plz contact me!!! Or even if u find it on a website (I am somewhat lucky but this one will require more than just luck haha) Furthermore does any1 know what i would type in Yahoo Japan to try to find these as i figure that these have a better chance of appearing there... i tried lugia zukan (could i get that as well dont think i did it right) but i think it needs to be more specific than that. Probably something to do with lottery special zukan. I tried using the Tutorial but quick question about that as well: Do i space the name of my pokemon after zukan or before, is there even suppose to be a space :S. Nitty gritty stuff lol. (one day ill learn japanese!) Anyhow thats all for this post, i really appreciate any1's help with my search for my grail!

Oh and to not make this such a boring post quick cute tomy get! Couldnt resist not getting him lol 2 awesome.

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My curiosity wont let this go ive searched everywhere, if u have any idea where its from plz let me know. Its a running whimsur very cute, thx in advance!

Hey guys recently i got this tomy lot and im not sure if some are authentic: they look good but smell like booties.

pictures lots!Collapse )

Now for a somewhat rare tomy lot including Persian and Ninetales, as always if you think ones a bootie plz tell me ^^. Second Ninetales i own, i may sell it in the new years (after i get sales permission which i think i qualify for atm) It would be after new years since im going on vacay for Christmas :D (cant wait! Hoping to find my old pokemon toys in the country i used to live in!)... but i kind of want to be selfish and have 3 ninetales i think they would look cool together, idk why i just want 3 ninetales buh.

pics!Collapse )

Finally i got this cute running whimsur in the lot as well! I dont even collect past 1st gen but this guy is so cute i may keep him aha. Any1 know what he is? Has a weird like hole in the back of the whimsur like it connects to something. Let me know thx! ^^"

Cute running whimsurCollapse )

Thx for reading!
Hey every1, i'm still sorta new here only been here like 2 months i think? Cant even remember: Anyhow, I want to get to know the comm better so im asking you to share with me your favorite pokemon (and why they are your favorite - you can have more than one haha). Or show me your favorite item in your collection!

My favorite pokemon are: Lapras - Most majestic pokemon of them all, just so beautiful. Mew - Same reason majestic mysterious and has an ancient pokemon feel that i just love. Then my other two favorites are dragonite (coolest pokemon there is xD), and Lugia (Lugia is just the most awesome flying legendary their is aha) The movie made him one of my favorite pokemon.

Anyhow thats it for me, OH i collect tomy pokemon the first gen only :) (simply because i also collect other anime figures and stuff so wont have the space xD)

Share your info/stuff!

EDIT: Sorry if it takes long to answer, i work and am a student xD and wasnt expecting so many comments :P
30 October 2013 @ 02:46 pm
Hey every1, looking for an evee keychain, not any in specific so long as it looks nice. Its for my sis ^^". Anyhow, id prefer a seller from Canada for cheap shipping, but I imagine shipping wouldn't be 2 high considering it could be a flat anyhow :P. So show me what you've got and prices :D.

P.S: Not looking for anything highly wanted and collectible... cheap and affordable will do. She is not a huge pokemon fan, just thinks evee is cute :).
Hey guys, got that delayed box with some rare tomy's and a couple extras :D! As always if you see any fakes plz notify me! I have no leniency towards booties xD... (except for my electrode tomy *cough* *cough* one day ill have a real one ;p ). Long post, decent amount of photos be warned! Thx for answering any concerns i have :).

On to the photos: (not sure what these 3 are, but i loved the design so i got them... any ideas)

3 figures lugia, ho-ho, arceusCollapse )

Now onto the TOMY'S! (they are in order to what i consider "rarer"

A random Muk appeared!Collapse )

Next, Graveler!

photoCollapse )


photoCollapse )

Starmie- please authenticate this one!


Ninetales!!! Quick question: mine has like a green paint/coat/shade on it its weird feels like it doesnt belong on it but i saw other ones and some had them in the exact same spots as mine and some didn't, really confused me... Doesn't come out to well in the pics but maybe u can see it or have any info on it:

NinetalesCollapse )

Time to play FIND THE BOOTLEG!
I received a ditchou in this lot but i had a previous one and now idk which one is authentic as they are different... slightly ull see.

Ditchou Bootleg Game!Collapse )

Last but certainly not least a pretty cool small "grail" NIDOQUEEN!!!!!!!!! (in excellent condition) As well as nidoran male and female!: In this photop we see them with Nidoqueen and Nidoking

Nido family!Collapse )

AND THATS IT! Thank you for going through this long post, any answers to my questions/concerns are always appreciated...

P.S: I got these for approx 5 bucks each free shipping.
Hey guys, as some of you know now; I collect Tomy Pokemon ... mind you im still a noob at it! Anyhow here is some pokemon that came in a package today and i thought id share it with you all. (I got these from ebay, still waiting on a package thats been delayed (N). These were delayed in their own sense almost 30 days anyhow... lol:

picturesCollapse )

Quick question i got some other pokemon as they did come in lots. I think these are just pencil toppers, which i have no info about them, but they look like the tomy just with holes at the bottom...

picturesCollapse )

Then there were these two random pokemon no idea what they are: any ideas?

picturesCollapse )

NOT PICTURED: EVEE AND LICKITUNG. Quick question: are your evee tomy and lickitung hard to find the tomy made in china, my evee is so light you can barely see it (on its tail). and lickitungs is well hidden in the tongue idk...

If you have any answers to these questions/concerns feel free to let me know aha. Much appreciated!

P.S: I should be getting that delayed lot soon with somewhat rares :D ... (dont get too excited no voltorb,electrode or golbat xD)!
01 October 2013 @ 09:56 pm
Hey guys im looking for any authentic pokemon poster showing off the original 151 pokemon. Im looking for cheap posters though, and cheap shipping to Canada ON. I wont post an image because their are various designs and im willing to give any design thrown at me a chance. Let me know if your selling a one :)! Thx everyone!

28 September 2013 @ 08:15 pm
Hi, I was wondering are their authentic Girafarig/Politoed clear TOMY? If so, are these as rare if not more to their original regular Tomy counterparts? Let me know thx! Is their a database that could show me authentic Tomy pokemon btw? Some of these fakes are exceptionally done. Thx for all the help every1, really enjoying this community ^^"

I've been using http://tomydatabase.weebly.com/season-2.html as a comparison, but ik its just some1 on this communities collection so not sure if its complete xD.... Ty!
Hey guys im a new pkmn collector! Just joined the group :D. Anyhow i collect tomy pokemon only. This is because i love their size and variety... *Found out about them at an anime convention (Anime North). My collection is very small but growing fast! Waiting on a shipped tomy lot coming my way :D. Im thinking of just collecting the og 151 or at least focus on those and then decide afterwards. My current collection kinda contradicts this thought tho... :P. I collect other stuff so i need to keep size, and room into consideration. Plus money xD! Specifically I focus on the ones presented on this website, however im not sure if its a complete database of all the tomy pokemon available. http://tomydatabase.weebly.com/ . Anyhow without further a do this is my tiny collection:
500<imgCollapse )