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I am not dead, or ran away with your money/items/promises.  I am just too tired with "side jobs" that I shouldn't have commit in the first place; wish I have more time for this comm. =(

I apologize if I've missed your deadline for birthdays, holidays or other plans.  And the Chillarmy talkies are still waiting to be shipped from Japan (the only option to safely ship them ATM would cost too much right now, hopefully the situation changes soon). >_<

Any agreement worked out with me will still be honored, or can be canceled at your discretion.  Please give me sometime to re-motivate myself and I will get back to you previous request. =/

If I screwed up an order/shipment or there is a life/death emergencies, please contact me at my paypal e-mail address.  Or you can reach me on MSN with it.

Also, animeraro on ebay is always a good alternative place to pick up all of the Banpresto/Tomy/Clearfile Pokemon stuff if you want someone more professional than me in my current mental state.

In closing, here are some pictures of Banpresto new series and movie goods.


Have fun collecting!
Just finished packing the last order.  Sorry it took so dang long! =P

The only paid item that's not shipped is the unreleased TFG, and that falls under unfinished business (the request was to dig the rest of them up from storage). XD

Since it's been a whole month since my last offer post, I do have new Tomy, Banpresto and PC stuff to offer (no dragon type clear file, sorry), but I will do that next week after I've taken some time off and deal with any open discussions with community members.

So if I haven't replied to your post, or haven't provided you a quote, or just being a meanie in general, please post them here (or PM if it's the private nature)! ^__^

Oh, I will answer any new/old Pokemon question, because I do love to blab!

yeah, and I am also here to show off the new "snow forest" background and Vanillite Pokedoll I won this month on the Pokemon roulette. (only took like 8 precious gold coins =P)
02 January 2012 @ 12:40 pm
I am going to be picking up some new Banpresto items next weekend.  If anyone else wants to pick up any of the recently released items, please let me know. =)

New items from the I Love Pikachu series.

Ball-Chain Puff Plush.  Each one is $14 shipped to US address.

Super DX (about 14" from ear to bottom) plush, $30 shipped to US.

The older I ♥ Pikachu releases are under the cut. ^_^

More I <3 Pika Stuff Under the CutCollapse )

The latest MPC release.

Rufflet is $18 shipped to US.  Lilligant is $16.50 shipped.  Everything else is $15 shipped.

Older releases are under the cut. :3

Older MPC SetsCollapse )

And here is the general 6" release.

Scraggy, Dwebble and Victini are $22 each shipped (very limited quantity).  The starter re-releases are $18 shipped to US.  The rest are $20 shipped. 

Over the weekend I picked up another hard cover/stylus set (Reshiram this time).

The theme I am going for is matching the color of the DS with the color of the dragons' eyes. =D

You can tell someone put some thought into the design here.

Even the cap of the 3DS stylus is set to match the color of the dragon's eye-color. =D

I can pick these 3DS accessories up as well, and details of the hard covers and touch pens can be found here.  Some accessories works with any DS (such as the extendable touch pens). =)

My paypal info is dgundam3(at)hotmail.com.  Please review my shipping rules and info here if you haven't work with me before, thanks! ^__^

Happy New Year and thank you for looking!
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31 December 2011 @ 12:53 am

How much is the Blitzle hang plush with elastic hang strap worth?
It's the little guy in the lower left corner.  He was exclusive to Namco amusement centers.

He isn't super rare or anything, just kind of hard to get here in the US.

28 December 2011 @ 12:49 pm
I have a few hand-picked First Gen Starter Canvas plushies.  Their faces are symmetrical and don't look derpy.  They are $24 each shipped to US address.

The rest of the Canvas are available at $21 shipped to US, including the 5th Gen. =)

Also I am also picking up these Super DX-sized "I <3 Pikachu" plush pouch.  Each one is about 10" in size (not counting the tail), and can be opened up through a zipper on the back.  Comes with a button-released hanging strap.  They look just like the ones from the previous release, except for much bigger.  They are not as portable as the smaller ones, but they do make good decorations.  They are $27 each shipped to US if anyone is interested.

Lastly, 3D POKEDEX BW03 (3D ZUKAN) are here as well.

Each set (of 6) is $29 shipped to US.  If you want to worked out a group buy with other members, I can split ship each set for an extra $2.25 to each additional address (has to be a single payment).  Or, just pick up singles from AnimeRaro's ebay store. =P

Just got the new Pokemon 3DS hard covers.  Took a picture of it in stereoscopic 3D. =)


You can see all the designs here, as well as the new touch pens.  The single covers are $13 shipped to US, the swappable ones are $1 more.  The Reshiram/Zekrom mascot touch pens are $13 shipped as well.

Please use this link to find all my older posts.  My shipping rules and paypal info can be found here.

Thanks and please let me know if anyone has any question. ^_^


SUPA MYSTERY Pokemon Tech Under da CUT!Collapse )
Any else think reading all those negative review for Tomy MC figures on Amazon is kind of amusing?
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15 December 2011 @ 06:45 pm
1:1 Zorua arrived today!

Owww, someone isn't happy that he's no longer the king of the Zorua pile.  Sorry for the poor picture quality as I took the it with my dinophonosaurus. ^__^"

The 1:1 is not all plush stuffing, there is a big rod of some sort in him that keeps his head upright.  So he's a lot heavier than he looks. XD

For those of you didn't know I collect Zorua plushies, you should check out the following links. ^__^


Along with the 1:1, I've also received more canvas and pixel/dot art goodies, clear files, PokeCenter X-Mas charms/wooden ornaments/plushies, and lots of Battrio (I am stocking up for the next visit to Japan so I can nerd-binge in front of a secluded Battrio machine). >_<

I will post exactly what are available this weekend (along with the latest Banpresto/Tomy pick-ups), but please feel free to put in early requests. =)

Pricing reference:
Canvas $21 shipped to US.
Clear files $9 shipped to US.
Pixel dot phone strap $14 shipped to US.
Milotic and Swablu cord clips $16 each shipped to US.
Wooden X-Mas ornaments $17 each shipped to US.
X-Mas plush $32 each shipped to US.
Battrio base on market price on Y!J

Now if you will excuse me, I got a find a perma spot for the 1:1 =P

BTW, if you want a 1:1 of your own, there is a slightly used one here. ^_^

Also, anyone still interested in these? XD

01 December 2011 @ 12:46 am
I apologize for falling behind on shipping. =(

Between holiday, business trips and family issues, I haven't had a chance to crank them out as fast as I'd like to. >_< 

If there is anything urgent, please let me know and I can take care of it right the way.

Also, has there been any meet-up organized for the LA / OC area for the Pokemon movie?  Please let me know because I can't find anyone who wants to go to "a POKEMON" movie with me. XD

Lastly, raichub your Wailord is here. =P

18 November 2011 @ 10:12 pm
I have 3 (maybe 4) talking Emonga/Emolga plush right now. =)

Each one is $80 shipped to US address with a box, or $74 shipped without a box.  It's $82 shipped internationally without a box (CAN is a little less). ^_^

Please let me know if anyone want one before they ended up on eBay/Amazon.
14 November 2011 @ 09:59 pm
Unless you are looking for an X-MAS Litwick, I've replied to all of the requests from the previous pick-up post.

If you have requested an X-Mas Litwick and I haven't replied back to you yet, it's because I have to check on the quantity before getting back to you (sorry about the wait!). >_< 

If anyone is interested in the following items, please let me know and I can pick them up as well.

Read more...Collapse )

Please find older offering using this link, and paypal and shipping info can be found here.

Thanks! =)
11 November 2011 @ 02:22 pm
I am picking up the new Tomy and Banpresto arrivals this weekend >_<.

Anyone else want the following new releases?

Kyurem MC Figure + Battrio ($11 shipped to US)
Volcarona MC Figure + Battrio ($11 shipped to US)
Kyurem Sofubi "DX Figure" ($20 shipped to US)
Sewaddle Tomy Plush it's super cute! ($23 shipped to US)
Lillipup Tomy Plush ($23 shipped to US)

Banpresto X-Mas Witlick Plush ($22 shipped to US)
Banpresto X-Mas Lillipup Plush ($21 shipped to US)
Banpresto X-Mas Chuchoo/Pansage/Oshawott Plush ($20 each shipped to US)

Banpresto ball-chain key chain plush Audino/Cubchoo/Pansage/Pansear/Panpour ($11 each shipped to US)

Emolga Talkies are here too, please PM me if you have semi-reserved one from me.

Above are just all the new items.  Older Tomy/Banpresto releases are available for pick up too.

I don't have much time to ship stuff these days, so I will probably cut off the request list around 8 ppl. =(

Thanks for looking! ^_^
23 October 2011 @ 05:08 pm
Here are the latest Pokemon Center goodies available.

Read more...Collapse )

Moving on to the PokePlamo next.

Read more...Collapse )

Paypal info and shipping terms can be found here.

I will be happy to answer any question either as reply to this post or as PM. ^_^

Thanks for looking! =)
22 October 2011 @ 07:13 am
If you have previous PM'ed me for one, please PM me again for final instruction and cost.

I didn't get as many as I thought, so I am going to fulfill the PM requests first.  =(

I will get more later however.

Also, pictures of the PokeCenter Halloween stuff will be posted this weekend.

Included in the Halloween lot are:

Pikachu Plush ($28 shipped)
Ball-Chain Hang Plush (Joltik is $20 shipped, others are $16.50 shipped each, $37 shipped for the whole set)
Starters (and Pikachu) Charms ($10 shipped each, $25 for the whole set 'of starters', or $33 for all four)
Gothetelle Charm Set ($13 shipped)
Cofagrigus Charm Set ($13 shipped)
Clear Files ($8 for the first one, $5 for each additional)

Finally for random item there is a Emolga rubber stamp on wooden block if anyone is interested ($11.50 shipped to US).
15 October 2011 @ 09:52 pm
Quick GB sale on splitting a box of Pokemon poker cards.

Read more...Collapse )
BTW, I might call off the whole thing if this is a stupid idea and no one is interested! XD
02 October 2011 @ 08:27 pm
Sorry about my unannounced absence.

I kind of had a burnout of sort (and computer problem), and was avoiding everything about LJ for the past couple months.

But stuff that I've reserved in Summer are now piling up, so I am back again to clear out the goodies. ^_^

I do plan to read and reply to all of the LJ backlog of replies and PM's (it might take a few days). XD

For anything urgent, please reply to this post so that I can see it right the way.

Pictures are taken with a 3DS (in Stereoscopic 3D), and I didn't notice the left lens was dirty so it's extra blurry.

Read more...Collapse )

Thanks for looking!  And please don't hesitate if you have any question that's Pokemon related. =D
04 August 2011 @ 01:53 am
Sorry for not updating for the past week and then some. >_<

Between jet lag and catching up with the day job(s), I had trouble keeping up with the LJ responsibilities.

I will try to answer all the questions in the previous posts tomorrow, and ship bulk of the paid orders.

For those who had reserve items on this page, please go ahead and request for shipping total if payment hasn't been sent.

Feel free to request for combine shipping if you would like to add anything else to the order.

I don't have the time to post everything available in detail yet, but here is a general idea of what I have access to.

Banpresto UFO Prize
June & July prizes - various plushies, towels, DX sofubi figures, shoulder bags
limited # of Namco exclusives (unless you've requested for a specific character before, everything else will be auctioned off at a later time)

TOMY MC Figures
limited # of Tomy MC+ Figures
Radio controlled Oshawott, Pikachu, dragons

Pokemon Center + Theater Exclusives
Dress-up small plushies
Movie touch pens
Movie clear MC figures
Eevee and Mew Walkies! (large and small)

7-11 Exclusives
Dragon drawstring backpack
Pearl/Shimmering Kids
Metallic/Pearl Victini TOMY MC figures

Every PokePlamo (plastic model sets) from the Gen2 starters to big Victini and big Pikachu
All capsule releases (I can only offer them in sets, singles are available from AnimeRaro website or ebay store)

All capsules releases (again I can only offer them as sets only, singles are available from AnimeRaro website or ebay store)
Limited # of posable figures Candy Toys
Limited # of Ball-Chain Figure/Mascot Candy Toys
Limited # of Pokeball Beach balls XD

For those who had ordered both clear dragon 3D Zukan figures, the clear Victini kid is a free bonus
Battrio pucks (yeah, I went nuts a couple days on those games)
1Kuji Extras... (pictured is my haul, not the extras, sorry! ^_^;;)

Anyways, I am sure I forgot a lot of other stuff, but it doesn't hurt to ask. ^_^

Paypal information and shipping rules can be found on this page.

Stay tuned for detail update in the coming weeks. =)
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There is a very good reason why I didn't have any update until now...

The train I was on ran late, so I missed the connection to the last train.  DX

I ended up stranded somewhere in Chiba, and got booted out of the station around 1am.

Read more...Collapse )

Thanks for looking! =)

P.S. Almost forgot about these, clear dragon 3D Zukan Offer!

Each dragon is $13 shipped to US address (+$1.00 for INT).  A set of both is $23 shipped to US address (+$1.50 for INT).  Requests will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis, and status can be tracked on this page. =)
15 July 2011 @ 06:56 pm
Just got back from PokeCenter, and did I mention it's crazy hot? >_<

Here are some of the items picked up in the haul.

Read more...Collapse )

Anyways, got more stuff that needs to be done.  Be back to update the request lists. =)

Bento Update:

Read more...Collapse )

Thanks for the lunch, xxiiijamesiiixx . =)

Final Update:

Back from the movie so here are some of the theater goods that are really theater-only (aka not available at PokeCen).

The official movie program.  I was actually thankful there is only one version of the program so I didn't have to buy it twice.  The cover was a very nice spread of the two dragons and the Pokemon that played important roles in the movie.  There is an area inside the book for the commemorative stamp.

Each copy is $20 $15 plus shipping.  Since this is a book (heavy...), so international shipping might cost a bit more.

There was no attendence prize like the previous years, but the popcorn bucket is still offered at the concession stand.  The bucket also came with a clear/white Victini strap, which looked like it should have been the attendence prize.  =p

P.S.  Namco loot pile has been updated.

Got all the in-stock Namco goodies for those who requested. =)
14 July 2011 @ 10:08 pm
It's hot as heck outside, so I came back for a quick shower and found some time to give the comm an update on the 7-11 exclusives. ^_^

Read more...Collapse )

Payment is not due until they are ready to ship to you, and everything except for the Bento are fulfill on a first come first serve basis. =)

Request for Bento set must sent by end of Monday. XD

Now if you will excuse me, I have 7-11 stores to pillage visit. =P

P.S.  I haven't slept for the past 30 48 hours, I am going to bed.  >_< 

Update:  First Namco Haul.  The "A Little Big" Glittering/Sparkling Victini was easy compared to the darn MPC and hang plush. =(

I am going to keep one of the giant Victini, so the other three are available for grabs.  Each will be $40 shipped to US address, probably $8 more for international other than Canada (will confirm when I get back).

I need another shower...

Request Lists

Movie Victini MC Figure
xxiiijamesiiixx (confirmed)
elisha1288 (confirmed)

Movie Pikachu MC Figure
elisha1288 (confirmed)
tsuiling (confirmed)
aleyina (confirmed)

Movie Kids Emolga
ruenis (confirmed)
combustion__ (confirmed)
punkspacewafers (confirmed)
charmystar (confirmed)

Movie Kids Dwebble
combustion__ (confirmed)

Movie Kids Pansage
jayceanime (confirmed)

Movie Kids Axew
heatrotomftw97 (confirmed)

Movie Kids Scraggy
dionashi (confirmed)

Movie Kids Snivy
hebilea (confirmed)

Movie Kids Victini
distant_cry (confirmed)
eternal_rena (confirmed)
elisha1288 (confirmed)

Movie Kids Oshawott
eternal_rena (confirmed)

Movie Kids Reshiram
eternal_rena (confirmed)
jeansama (confirmed)

Movie Kids Zekrom
eternal_rena (confirmed)

Movie Kids Pikachu
aleyina (confirmed)

Movie Program
chatsy (confirmed and stamped)

Bento Box Reshiram
xxiiijamesiiixx (confirmed)
whitecygnet (confirmed)

Bento Box Zekrom
xxiiijamesiiixx (confirmed)

Big Sparkling Victini
crayzbrawlr (confirmed)
beckycuh (confirmed)
shortcakemiddy (confirmed)
elisha1288 (confirmed)
jekylljuice85 (confirmed)

Lillipup Hang Plush
usagimakeup (confirmed)

Blitzle Hang Plush
eternal_rena (confirmed)

Movie Clear File Set
chatsy (confirmed)

Pokemon Cafe Messenger Bag
pokeranger9494 (confirmed)

Clear 3D Zukan Dragon Set (w/ Clear Victini Kid)
xxiiijamesiiixx (confirmed)
gallade007 (confirmed)
mewstor (confirmed)
angela_samshi (confirmed)
joshpho (confirmed)

Clear 3D Zukan Reshiram

Clear 3D Zukan Zekrom
itsmemaa (confirmed)
orangegarchomp (confirmed)

Clear Victini Kids (loose)
elisha1288 (confirmed)

Pokemon Fan Magazine (vol 18)

Blue Namco Bag

13 July 2011 @ 12:59 am

Good news is that everything has been packed and shipped (there should be a tracking # or a customers # sent to your paypal email account). ^_^

I will return on the week of 23rd and resume taking requests for normal goods.  If you cannot wait, you can always ge them from AnimeRaro. =P

But for people who has worked with me before, please send me any special request and I will do my best to pick them up. =)

Will do my best to post pictures!  XD

P.S.  Stuff that I will post when I get back.  Big talkie Snivy, movie Zukan, Pokemon Fan magazine w/ Clear Zukan, June/July Banpresto, left over 1kuji prizes! >_<
26 June 2011 @ 10:39 pm
Sorry for not posting this update sooner.

(It seems like I am always apologizing here in the comm.  ^_^;;)

Here is the update I mentioned last week...

Pokemon Fan Vol 17 (2011 May)

Each copy is $19.50 shipped to US address, and comes with all of the giveaway shown below.
Read more...Collapse )

Pokemon Center Offerings
Read more...Collapse )

Capsule Prizes
Read more...Collapse )

Banpresto UFO Prizes
Read more...Collapse )

MPC plush is going to be $12 to 16 shipped (depending on the character) to US address (+$1 to CAN, +$2 to EU/OZ).
Any complete set of 6 is $75 shipped to US address (+$2.50 to CAN, +$5 to EU/OZ).
Read more...Collapse )

Pokemon PLAMO and Others
Read more...Collapse )

TOMY plush are always $22 shipped, old MC are $7.50 and new MC are $9 shipped to US.  Also have soft vinyl figures ($19 shipped), big talking plush ($72 shipped), keychain talking plush ($25 shipped), and talking wireless phone strap ($23 shipped) .

Due to my work schedule, please inquire for combined total only if you are okay with the individual shipped price.  To ask for total on two Pokedolls then pass on $44 shipped is really uncalled for. =(

Also, I cannot offer Pokemon Center items below JPY retail price.  The current exchange rate is 1USD to about 80JPY (less if you factor in all the exchange rate fees).  So that 800JPY strap is already over $10USD before leaving the Pokemon center. <__<

Paypal info is dgundam3(at)hotmail(dot)com.  My shipping rules and info can be found here. ^_^

I will do my best to reply to any questions and comments, and I don't ignore anyone on purpose so please do remind me if you don't hear back from in 48 hours.  Sometime I get busy and I can't check my emails. XD

Thanks for reading!
Shipping is done, so I am going to take a few breathers before I put up the new offers. =3

Also pretty much everything people have asked for has arrived, so feel free to request a early shipping quote (and beat the rush) if you know the general price. =)

Here is a summary of arrived items,

Pokemon Center Pixel Art Series (charms, clear file, key chain, pins)
Pokemon Center Cafe Series (clear files, charms, pins, Dr. Grip, cushion!)
Pokemon Center Pokedoll/Plush (Vanillite, Gothita, Cottonee and earlier releases)
Ken Sugimori Clear File Folio 

MPC Set 1 through 3 (maybe even 4)
Fighting Key Holder Figures
UFO Plush Backpack

Plamo - everything from No 1 to the latest Kibago/Axew set
And the OD version of the dragons

All the TTA and Bandai capsules (sets only).

Tomy released MC and plush are all in.

Anyways, that's all I can remember right now.  Please ask if you don't see what you are looking for. =)

BTW, I will take care of the two special orders shortly. ^_^;;
Surprise!  I have access to a few Mijumaru and Pokabu BIG talking plush.

They are $72 each shipped to any US address with the box, or I can ship them without the box for $67 each.  For international shipping, it's $81 with the box, or $74 without.



Next up!

Read more...Collapse )

To avoid shipment delay, there are 12 spots for the first round.

1.checkyoufeet - Talking Oshawott w/o box PAID
2.safir_hime - Samurott 5"-ish chibi plush PAID
3.roxiexcore - Talking Oshawott w/o box and small Talking Snivy (box optional) PAID
4.pacificpikachu - 1/1 Victini TOMY Emolga, Minccino Tomy plush, Cinccino PD, Blitzle PD, Banpresto Minccino 5" plush, Pikachu World Clearfile PAID
5.chatsy - 5" chibi Samurott Plush and Purrloin Ball-chain 3'' plush keychain PAID

Don't worry if you don't get a spot, I will still take your requests and hold the item for you until I am opening the next round.  Please don't pay until I am ready to ship your items. =)

Also, I can add items to any previous orders that has not been shipped yet.

Paypal info and shipping rules can be found at http://www.nanoplasm.livejournal.com/4097.html

Please check out other offers at http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/?poster=nanoplasm ^_^


P.S.  I have one set of Pikachu World clear files.

Picture stolen from Asami's Diary.  You can see more details here.  It's $27 shipped to US. ^_^

First round of shipping is complete, and I am ready to accept payment for the second round of holds. =)

Participants of the following list please send in the amount that was agreed upon in our previous discussions. ^_^

List of second round of participants.
raikou_chan - Whimsicott PD
tealbulbasaur - Whimsicott PD
doomycaffei - Whimsicott PD + Tabune PD
lovelychu - Whimsicott PD
lampent - Tomy Deerling plush + Tabune PD
rock_dy - Summer Deerling PC plush
itsmemaa - Oshawott Dream World Plush + Whimsicott PD (back order)

If anyone is interested, I can accept about 10 more requests this round.

Please use this link to review all of my previous offerings in Pkmncollectors ^_^

I have a lot of PokeCen stuff not listed here (especially clear files >_<), so please do ask. =D

Here are some random stuff I have to offer (that I came across while digging for stuff requested by comm members.) ^_^;;

Read more...Collapse )

Thanks for looking, and tortoises I am going to calculate your total now. XD


Super DX Victini ver. 1: Hey Pikachu, thanks for keeping me company while we made it across the Pacific Ocean in a stuffy card board box!

Super DX Pikachu ver. 28: Pika~ Pika!

Bye, Pikachu ver. 28, your brethren await!
(throws Pika ver. 28 into the pile of set filler Pikachu plush)

Super DX Zorua #1: What are you suppose to be?  A Combusken reject?  I can't believe you are replacing my place in the theatrical spot light!

S. DX Victini #1: T__T

14 May 2011 @ 10:31 pm
Sorry for the long absence, but I have managed to shipped out everything but the following three packages! ^_^ 

darkangellilith GenV Tote Bag
echizenakira unmelted Zekrom Bath Salt
rirutu Cyndaquill and Chikorita Canvas

I will take care of your packages next week! =)
(althought the Zekrom bath salt might not arrive yet >_<)

In order to avoid unacceptable delays in the future, future request are limited to 10 12 spots at a time. =/
1.  irethsune - Talking Oshawott Keychain plush - PAID
2.  blackjackrocket 
3.  bellyofthewolf - Blitzle PD + BW2 (male) set - PAID
4.  little_ledyba - Talking Tepig Keychain plush - PAID
5.  jaimonster - Whimsicott
6.  kneesocks - Cinccino PD + Emolga - PAID
7.  larvitarscar - Tepig Talking Keychain Plush + Tepig Dreamworld Plush - PAID
8.  sei15 - Talking Tepig keychain plush + Oshawott Talking keychain plush + Set of 3 Dream World Plush - PAID
9.  myntii - Shinx Canvas (x2) + Whimsicott PD - PAID
10.  featheryfriend - Emolga Tomy Plush - PAID
11.  entirelycliched  - Whimsicott PD - PAID
12.  zora_star - Whimsicott PD + Purrlion

Also if you have previously requested items, I will honor your hold request regardless if you have a spot or not! =D

jekylljuice85 - Victini Tomy Plush 8" + Victini Bottle Cap - PAID
chatsy - Purrlion plush - PAID
pokeranger9494 - Tabune PD - PAID
raichub - No crotch lump or weird horn Whimsicott XD - PAID
megami36 - Victini Pokemon Cent er Plush
renshao - Zukan BW2 + 1 - PAID
ruenis - Tea Cup Theme Park Clear File - PAID
forest_snivy - Dream World Oshawott Plush
tyltalis - Snivy Talking Plush Key Chain + Serperior DX - PAID
kai_renge - Tepig Talking Plush Key Chain + Tepig Dream World Plush + Pikachu Walker Cover
usagimakeup - Cyndaquil canvas, Shinx Canvas and Lillipup Pokecen plush - PAID

Items Held for next lot:
raikou_chan - Whimsicott PD
tealbulbasaur - Whimsicott PD
doomycaffei - Whimsicott PD + Tabune PD
lovelychu - Whimsicott PD
lampent - Tomy Deerling plush + Tabune PD
rock_dy - Summer Deerling PC plush
itsmemaa - Oshawott Dream World Plush + Whimsicott PD (back order)

For previous offerings, please use this link to review older items: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/?poster=nanoplasm

Here is a preview of the new offers this week, click on the cut below to see more info. ^__^

Read more...Collapse )

Besides these items, there are also clear files, Victini mecha pencil and ball-point pen, complete set of Zuruggu charms, GenV Moncolle Plus (TOMY MC+ figure), 1/1 Chillarmy/Victini plush, and DS game 24-cart cases (Victini, Zek/Reshi, starters).  I will post them next time, but feel free to request them if you know what they are. ^_^;;

Paypal info and shipping rules can be found here:

I will try to answer any question ASAP.

Thanks for looking!  =)
01 May 2011 @ 09:56 am
If I haven't shipped your order and you would like to add a Victini bottle cap figure to the package, please let me know.  It will be an additional $4.50 for any destination. ^_^

I will try to honor any request for a specific base color.  ^_^

Entei is still available too.

This offer is extended on all future new orders as well (once I start taking them again), while supplies last. =)

Also, someone made a request for a Gen 5 tote bag.  It's here but I kind of lost my notes and forgot who it is.  Would that someone please speak up?! XD

24 April 2011 @ 04:03 pm
I am still behind on shipping, sorry for the horrendous delay. /sigh >__<

Here is an update of what I can pick up for the comm, but I won't be accepting any new requests until I've finished with the shipping backlog*.

However, do leave hold requests here so they can be reserved for the commm. ^__^

Super Get BW2 (complete set of 12 only)
3D Zukan BW2 (complete set of 4 + Pidove (a), or 4 + Pidove (b))

Takara Tomy Talking Plush KEYCHAIN
- Pikachu
- Snivy
- Tepig
- Oshawott

Takara Tomy 6" Plush
- Emolga
- Deerling (spring)
- Victini
- Pansear
- Panpour

Takara Tomy 18" Giant Victini Plush

Victini Tomy MC Figure

Banpresto April Plush Prizes
- 6" Plush
-- Deerling
-- Patrat
-- Purrlion
-- Minccino

- Super DX Plush
-- Serperior

Complete box of Pokemon Clipping Figure BW2

All of the really weird capsules released by Bandai and TTA in the past couple month.

That's all for now.  I will do a proper  pictorial offer post when the back log is clear! XD

* If I've not shipped items you have already paid for, I can take your request now for combined shipping discount.
10 April 2011 @ 10:12 am
Shipping will resume normal at pace (~10 packages a day) starting from this week, sorry for taking so long do process the requests. >_<

If you need anything urgently, please let me know and I will get them taken care of right the way! ^_^;;

Here is a tiny update on my annex collection. =)

Read more...Collapse )

Not sure if anyone is interested, but these Pokemon projector keychain (capsule toys) came in this week.

They can be picked up by the sets, and each set is $28 shipped to US address (+$2 to CAN, +$4 to EU/OZ).  Paypal info is dgundam3(at)hotmail(dot)com, and shipping/payment rules are found here.
For singles, you will just have to wait for animeraro to put them up on ebay.  >__>

Speaking of singles, animeraro finally got the Zipper Die-Cast Mascot listed on eBay as singles.

That's all for this week.  I will take care of all the PMs and replies by tomorrow.

Thanks for looking! =)
05 April 2011 @ 01:08 am
Some new items were left out in this weekend's update.


More pix and pricing under the cut!Collapse )

The most recent starter set says "hi!"  XD

Some soap figures are still looking for a home too!  Click here to see what's available.

Thanks for looking!
03 April 2011 @ 02:24 am

UPDATE:  Here is a picture of the bath salt figures.  I am going to split this box with the comm. ^_^;;

They are $10 each shipped to US (+$1.00 to CAN/EU/OZ).

Here are what's available:
Pikachu #1: available
Pikachu #2: available
Pansage #1: riolulz 
Pansage #2: fishnow 
Pansage #3: bazula 
Pidove #1: little_ledyba 
Pidove #2: available
Axew #1: available
Axew #2: available
Reshiram OD #1: on hold for eternal_rena 
Reshiram OD #2: jadekitty777 
A wild Reshiram OD #3 appears!: fernchu 
Zekrom OD #1: orangegarchomp 
Zekrom OD #2: tealbulbasaur 
A wild Zekrom OD #3 appears!: on hold


I have shipped most of the items paid before March 25th!  If you didn't get a item shipped notice (usually with delivery confirmation # or customs #) in your paypal email account, please let me know! ^_^

It's a new month and that usually means last month's Banpresto Prize is available for pick-up! =)

Banpresto have also decided to put watermarks on their stock photo, so now I have to take pictures for the plushies. T__T


Banpresto Pokemon BW 5.5"(-ish) Chibi Plush Series 3.  Each one is $20 shipped to US (or +$1.50 to CAN, +$3.00 to EU/OZ).  Oh, Munna is $16 shipped to US. =p


Ball-Chain 3"-ish Hang Plush.  Each one is $11 shipped to US address (or +$1.00 to CAN, +$2.00 to EU/OZ).
Snivy and Tepig are the same pattern/fabric as the previous release, so I didn't take new pictures of them.

Hugging Pillows.  Each one is $42 shipped to US (+$3.00 to CAN and +$7.00 to EU/OZ). 

Also available is the Daikenki evolution plamo set.
Each plamo set is $19 shipped to US address (+$2.50 to CAN, +$5 to EU/OZ)

Other stuff including capsule toys.

The TTA stampe set (all 6 stamps) is $22 shipped to US address (+$1.00 to CAN, +$2.00 to EU/OZ).
Singles can be found here.

TTA Pokemon Metal Mascot Charms.  Each set of 6 is $22 shipped to US address (+$1.50 to CAN, +$3.00 to EU/OZ).

Bandai Pokemon Light-Up Ball-Chain Mascot BW1.
Pricing is a little complicated on this one. ^_^;;
A set of 4 without the dragons is $22 shipped to US (+1.00 to CAN, +2.00 to EU/OZ).
A set of 6 with the dragons is $43 shipped to US (+1.50 to CAN, +3.00 to EU/OZ).  The set of 6 has limited availability.
Singles can be found here.

I've also picked up the following for myself. =3
Any available duplicate from the box of bath salt soap figure will be offered later this week.  They will be $10 shipped to US (+$1.00 to CAN/EU/OZ).  Please claim any extras here and I will process them by the order of requests.  (and if you've already asked for one before this post, please remind me and I will hold one for you.) =)

Paypal info is dgundam3(at)hotmail(dot)com, and please read my shipping rules and info here.


Shipping Status
I am still about 2~3 weeks behind in shipping out items that are already paid for, and I apologize for the delay. >_<

If anyone need anything urgent, please let me know and I will process your items immediately.

Also, special/open orders that require more time to calculate shipping will be taken care of once I've shipped the items above.

Collection Update
The shipment that arrived last week completed my Zekrom and Reshiram 'large' plush collection (for now ^_^;;).

In each picture, starting from the left: Namco-Exclusive Banpresto Plush, 1Kuji Banpresto Plush, US Pokemon Center (Mall Tour) Plush.

I do have one extra of each Namco-Exclusive dragon, but I think they were already part of someone's open order (let me know who you are please!). ^_^;;

Also arrived are the Namco-exclusive "large" Zorua and Zoroark plushies (had to get Pikachu too because they were sold as a set).  Now I am only missing the two super rare Zorua raffle prizes. >_<

Pokemon Center Offers

Also arriving with the shipment are some Pokemon Center goodies.  Please click on the cut for more info.

Cubchoo, Whimsicott, Blitzle Pokedolls.  Each one is $24 shipped to US (+$1.50 to CAN, +$3 to EU/OZ).

I've got two of each for offer and please see below for pricing.

Pokemon Center "Shopping Bag"-design clear files.  Again, two of each and see below for pricing.

Theme Park clear file, the Final Evo clear file, and Zekrom (Reshiram on the back) clear file.    All clear file is $9 each shipped to US (+$1.50 to CAN, +$3.00 to EU/OZ).

Large Gen 5 tote bag, it's about 23" x 12" and retails for 4500JPY before shipping and everything. >_<
It's $95 shipped to US.

Shipping rules and paypal info can be found here.

Lastly, if I didn't reply to any PM or post, it's usually because I need time to research the answer.  But please do send me a reminder since I tend to forget when too much time has gone by. ^_^;;

- [info]pika_lex , your Pokemon tins are ready.
- Talkie Plush group buy is pending Tokyo to resume normal business operation...  also, bad news is shipping cost is going up due to fuel shortage.  I will provide new estimate pricing before confirming the GB list.

Any questions, please let me know. Thanks!  =)

07 February 2011 @ 07:39 pm

Is anyone hosting B&W Mall Tour meet-up for Arcadia/LA? ^_^

I will delete this post once someone replies.  Thanks! =) 
03 February 2011 @ 12:42 am

A few new (and some old) items are now available for me to pull for the comm. =)

Everything below can be added to orders that have not been shipped yet.


More pix and pricing info under the cut... and a little strip tease by the shedding lizard!Collapse )

GB Participants for Feb issue of Famitsu DS + Wii (and the shoulder bag)


Here is a shipping update:

Back log is about 2 weeks out, I apologize for the delay.  But if you need something quick for a GA or a gift, please remind me and I will expedite the shipping. ^_^;;

Paypal information and shipping rules can be found in the out-dated-sales page. =3

I have been busy with day-job, life, and shipping out orders, so that I have not had the chance to see if who hasn't paid for their Banpresto pre-orders.  But based on the extras leftover in my home, I know there are quite a few that hasn't been paid for yet. =(

If you've pre-ordered Banpresto prizes for Oct, Nov, Dec releases, please check the following links to see if there is any balance due. ^_^  If we have previously agreed to cancel or transfer the pre-order, please don't worry about the links below.

Oct Prizes (BW Starters Super DX and 5.5")
Nov Prize (Super DX Zekrom and Reshiram and 5.5" Reshiram, Kibago/Axew, Mamepato/Pidove, 3" Starters)
Dec Prize Part 1 (Huge 13" Chibi Mijumaru/Oshawott, Tsutarja/Snivy)
- Dec Prize Part 2 (Huge 13" Pokabu/Tepig, 5.5" Zekrom, Yanappu/Pansage, Munna)

And because of the significant amount of comm members disappearing (or unable to pay) after placing pre-order 3-month in advance, I will no longer be taking mass pre-order for Banpresto prize items.  I understand a lot can change in 3-month, and it's more of a problem with the system than a complain about comm members. XD

I can still pull Banpresto prizes for the community, but there is no control of how many we can get.  If you see something you want on AAPF, please PM me anytime and you will be added to the queue when they are ready to ship.  But supply will be limited, like how it was for the Espeon and Umbreon Holloween plush, we only got 8 sets available for the entire community.

... Now on with the other stuff!

As mentioned last week, here are the pricing for the following items and sets.


For paypal info and shipping rules, please drop by the out-of-date sales page. >_<

Pricing under the cut!Collapse )
Thanks everyone! ^_^

P.S.  I have a 5.5" Reshiram with a factory defect.  The seam on her chest is not completely closed.
If anyone wanna to take her home and fix her up, she is only $12 $10 shipped to anywhere. =)
26 January 2011 @ 12:49 pm
The last of Dec Banpresto prizes are here and will be shipped out next week.  The pre-order totals are calculated and listed below.  Munna is only a 4" plush, so I am applying discount on her. ^_^

If there are any mistakes in the list below, or we had discussed other arrangements regarding the pre-order, please let me know. XD


 Giant Chibi6" Plush Total 
CharacterPokabuZekromMunnaYannapu US  CAN  EU/OZ 
US Shipped40.0020.0017.0020.00
EU/OZ Adder7.
ambertdd  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
azureyoshi  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
bellyofthewolf  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
berugii   x  $ 17.00 $ 18.50 $ 20.00
crasherwake x  x $ 59.00 $ 63.50 $ 68.00
dionashi x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
eternal_rena  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
geogirl15 x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
joltzapvire  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
koolhk x  x $ 59.00 $ 63.50 $ 68.00
k1yuu  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
lovedbyahero x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
mamoswine    x $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
mana_mihara   x  $ 17.00 $ 18.50 $ 20.00
netbug009    x $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
no_pizzazz xx   $ 59.00 $ 63.50 $ 68.00
okapifeathers  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
orangecorgi x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
pika_lex x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
pumpki3 x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
shaggy_griffon  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
sodapopninja  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
sorcererhuntres  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
spinnigold    x $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
stymphalid    x $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
thiefkai  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
tissuepaperpet    x $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
ubersaur   x  $ 17.00 $ 18.50 $ 20.00
faiarrow  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
waruihikari x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00
yelsha42  x   $ 20.00 $ 21.50 $ 23.00
yurusumaji x    $ 40.00 $ 43.50 $ 47.00

Arrived in the same shipment, here are other Dec and Jan Banpresto prizes available for claim.  They can be claimed individually or combined with the pre-orders.




Super DX Chibi Sparkling Plush ~ Snivy and Oshawott are $30 each shipped to US address (+$3 to CAN, +$6 to EU/OZ).

5.5" (average) Chibi Plush.  Each plush is $20 shipped to US address (+1.50 to CAN, +$3.00 to EU/OZ).

3" Ball-chain strap hang plush are $11 each shipped to US address (+1.00 for CAN/EU/OZ).  Mijumaru is the same design for both releases, so please specify which release when requesting. ^_^;;

Keychains are $9 each shipped to US address (+$1.00 for CAN/EU/OZ).

Takara Tomy Arts Posable Vinyl Figures.  They are between the size of a TOMY MC and a TOMY SOFUBI.  Each one is $12 shipped to US address (+$1 to CAN, +$3 to EU/OZ).

For paypal info and shipping rules, please drop by the out-of-date sales page. >_<

I will post more info on the following sets this weekend.

Takara Tomy goodies are all here as well.  I will post info on Minccino and Pansage plush, as well as Tomy MC figures for 2nd stage evolution of the starters. =)

Thanks all. ^_^
18 January 2011 @ 12:09 pm
First a shipping update.  I am now working on items that are paid on Jan 4th and later.  I should finish everything that's on-hand this week, including calculating all the special orders (Pokemon Center stuff and what not). >_<

Also, December Banpresto prizes are not here yet, but should be here by the end of this week.

Here are the pricings for the items I mentioned a few weeks ago.

Mawile MC/Tomy Figure (from AG version MC) MIB, each is $9.00 shipped to US (+$1 for CAN, +$2 for EU/OZ)

A set of Chou Getto (super get) BW1 (6 normal + 6 clear versions).  Each full set of 12 is $28 shipped to US (+$2 to CAN, +$4 to EU/OZ).
Singles can be found here.

Keshipoke BW1, Ensky decided to increase the price for the BW realease. =(
Each figure is $8.00 shipped to US (+$1 to CAN, +$2 to EU/OZ).  They can also be ordered as a set (No 1~6) for $40 shipped to US.

Secret Zekrom and Reshiram Keshi-Figures are super rare, each with ratio of 1/24.  They can only be offered as part of a set (No 1~6 + one dragon).  Each set of 6 + a rare dragon is $48 shipped to US.


3D Zukan BW1 (set of 5).  Each set of 5 is $26 shipped to US (+$2 to CAN, +$4 to EU/OZ).
Singles can be purchased here.

A set of Metal Medal Mascot Charm/Strap Pokemon BW version.  Full set of 12 is $29 shipped to US (+$2 to CAN, +$5 to EU/OZ).
Singles can be purchased here.

Pokemon Bath Salt with hidden figure.  Each dissolved figure is $8 shipped (+$1 to CAN/EU/OZ) or each undissolved random/blind figure is $8 shipped (+$1.5 to CAN, +$3 to EU/OZ).

Banpresto Nov Keychain.  Each figure is $9 shipped to US (+$1 to CAN/EU/OZ).

Banpresto Dec Prize Keychains.   Each figure is $9 shipped to US (+$1 to CAN/EU/OZ).

Kyogre Mascot Banner Strap.  Each strap is $9 shipped to US (+$1 CAN/EU/OZ).

Zekrom and Reshiram zipper pouch/case, 2 designs.  Each one is $14 shipped to US (+$1 to CAN, +$2 to EU/OZ).

Master of Illusions Shoulder Pouch, 3 designs.  Each is $18 shipped. (+$1 to CAN, +$2 to EU/OZ)

(click on image to see page with video)
Takara Tomy Pokemon Center for Tomy MC, retails for 4000JPY, which is about $50USD.  Each one is $68 shipped to US (the box is huge ;__;).

Lastly, I got two MIA participants for the Suicune DP Plush GB.  Instead of tracking them down, would anyone in the comm like to take their spots? ^_^

Each one is $45 shipped to US address (+$4 to CAN, and +$6 to EU/OZ).  The DP plushies are now out of production, so chances are that prices will be going up. 

Paypal info and shipping rules are found in the sales post.

P.S. Please PM me if you'd like to exchange BW friend codes to link our dream world isles. ^_^
Sorry for the long delay, but I've finally finished most of the shipping back log and am ready to tackle the shipping for the 13" Chibi Plush. ^_^


Each plush is $40 shipped to US, $44 shipped to Canada, and $47 shipped to EU/OZ.

Here are the list of confirmed orders:



Pokemon Fan Vol 15 (plus the bundled freebies) are ready to ship as well.  Each copy is $20 shipped to US, $23 shipped to Canada, and $26 shipped to EU/OZ.

Pokemon Fan Confirmed Orders

If you have already sent in payment for Pokemon Fan 15, please disregard this post. ^_^;;

Paypal info is dgundam3(at)hotmail(dot)com.  Please visit the sales page for complete shipping rules and what not.

Here is a little update on the Keshipoke BW1.  The chance of Reshiram and Zekrom is 1:24 (each). >_<

I will post pricing for the preview items in the next couple days. =)
28 December 2010 @ 08:24 pm

A quick update on the new items that arrived this week.  Please let me know if anyone is interest on the following new items, and I will post pricing next week. ^_^

Mawile MC/Tomy Figure (from AG version MC)

A set of Chou Getto BW1 (6 normal + 6 clear versions)

Keshipoke BW1 (I need to check box distribution and figure out if they are offered as singles or sets)

A set of Metal Medal Mascot Charm/Strap Pokemon BW version

Pokemon Bath Salt Balls? (not sure how to offer these since they are blind packaged ^_^)

Banpresto Dec Prize Keychains

Kyogre Mascot Banner Strap

Takara Tomy Pokemon Center for Tomy MC

I do have confirmed pricing for the following Takara Tomy items.

Darumakka MC-013/Tomy Figure ($9 shipped to US)
Desumasu MC-014/Tomy Figure ($9 shipped to US)

Jalorda Takara Tomy Sofubi Soft Vinyl Figure ($19 shipped to US)
Enbuoh Takara Tomy Sofubi Soft Vinyl Figure ($19 shipped to US)
Daikenki Takara Tomy Sofubi Soft Vinyl Figure ($19 shipped to US)

That's it for this week. ^_^;;


Suicune DP Plush from the GB arrived this week as well!

Here is the list of participants.

Suicune Plush List (max 6 spots)

Each one is $45 shipped to US address (+$4 to CAN, and +$6 to EU/OZ).  Paypal info and shipping rules are found in the sales post.
27 December 2010 @ 11:45 pm

For community members interested getting a copy of Pokemon Fan Vol 15, they are $20 shipped to US address (+$3 to CAN, and +$6 to EU/OZ).

This is a reservation post only, since that many copies will be put aside this weekend and payment isn't due until then. ^_^

They can be combine with other items shipping within a week's time frame. =)

The official website is located here.  This issue comes with 5 give-away freebie items.

1. Reshiram and Zekrom clear Straps.  They are made by Bandai (yay because they have less of a quality issue than TTA!)
2. Movie sticker sheet.
3. Code for Mamoswine on Pokemon GL (one-use only code)
4. Lyrics sheet for Japanese Pokemon Best Wishes Opening and Ending themes.
5. Poster of the Bandai capsule toys (BW2 strap set and Super Get).

They will be shipped out early next week, at the same time as the Banpresto 13" Miju and Tarja.

Payment post for the 13" will be posted later this week or this coming weekend.

I should be done with all of the outstanding shipping this week.  Please don't hesitate to contact me on shipping status or issues.  Thanks! ^_^;;

Reservation for Pokemon Fan 15

Oh, might as well as take this opportunity to update Namco collection. =D

We got two Chillarmy for the final Namco prize. ^_^

Comparison betwee PC push and Banpresto L-Sized Plush.

Namco L-size set complete! XD
17 December 2010 @ 02:22 pm
The huge chibi (koroto manmaru) plushies (sans Pokabu) are here... here is a sneak peek while I work out the total for everyone. ^_^

Sorry for the poor quality DSi pictures.

Smaller plushies are talkies for size reference. =3

Also the following items are available to be pulled for comm members:

3D ZUKAN BW Series 1.  Each set of 5 is $26 shipped to US (+$2 to CAN, +$4 to EU/OZ)

Pokemon BW Touch Pen Stylus.  Each set of 6 is $25 shipped to US (+$1.5 to CAN, +$3 to EU/OZ)

These 3D Buildable Puzzles came in as well.  Each set of 9 is $40 shipped to US (+$2.00 CAN and +$4.00 EU/OZ).

Bandai Action Mascot Figure Keychain BW.  Click here for link to singles on eBay.

Reshiram and Zekrom Poker Cards.  Each deck is $11 shipped to US (+$1.50 to CAN, +$3.00 to EU/OZ).

Takara Tomy Pokemon BW Journey Start(er) Plush Set (comes with sticker).  These are noticeably different than the standard 6" Takara Tomy release.  These are rounder (see Tsutarja's wide body) and the fabric appears to be better quality (more minkiy looking).  Each set is $62 shipped to US address (+$3.50 to CAN, +$7 to EU/OZ)  

Metal Brief Cases Dragon Version (front/back).  Official Site.  They are $38 each shipped to US address (+$4 to CAN, +$8 to EU/OZ).

Metal Brief Case Starters Version (front/back).  Official Site.  They are $38 each shipped to US address (+$4 to CAN, +$8 to EU/OZ).

Paypal info is found in the sale page.

So much stuff ^_^;;
17 December 2010 @ 06:43 am

Hi guys, the Gen 5 starter Talkies will be ready to ship starting Monday of next week. ^_^;;

Each plush is $67 shipped to US/CAN, $77 shipped to EU/OZ.  First-Class international shipping can be upgraded to priority (+$11) or express (+$18) with additional charge.  Please let me know if you have any other special requests (such as ship without the box, etc.)

Please apply any discount that we have previously discussed.  ^_^

Paypal info and shipping rules are found here in the old sales post.


masterpetediddy (PAID)

masterpetediddy (PAID)

I am still in the process of shipping everything out, but should be done with most of Nov pre-orders. >_<

I will post Namco prize, new Banpresto arrivals, and other stuff later this week. Thanks! =)